Nov 16, 2010

2. honesty

 I thought a lot today about the message I wanted to convey using this outlet and the truth is - I want every bride, groom, bridesmaid and wedding enthusiasts to know that honesty throughout the planning of a wedding is essential.

I've heard stories from brides and people involved always say "ugh, I wish I hadn't let the people talk me into that" and the truth is you should remember that each and every step of the way.  There will be times where you have to compromise but you should always stick to what you truly want out the this day - and frankly, this experience.

I have realized over the past few months that I seem to have a knack for helping people out with different situations for weddings. So alas, I am here for your service.

Something beautiful nieces at my wedding!
Photography by Lewis Rinaman Photography (check out link on my vendors page)

Also, I will definitely share my wedding throughout this blog so if you want to see more photos just ask! My colors were hot pink (to be more definitive, Watermelon) and black. Bridesmaids (photos to come) & Jr. Bridesmaids dresses are from David's Bridal.

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