Nov 26, 2010

7. unique touches

Everyone always wants their wedding to be unique in their own special way, but in this day and age where almost everything is shared on the Internet and through all the wedding magazines - how can you make something truly your own? Here are a few small ideas where each bride can actually turn this in their own thing because of all the different options you have!

  • If you don't like being the blushing bride in white...try a dress of a different color! I know it's not the norm, but if you want it - then you do it! (Before I Do column topic coming!)
  • Stock the bathrooms for the guests with baskets filled with various "in case you forgot..." items. Sounds strange, but the truth is people are forgetful - stocking a basket in each bathroom will give people a nice option if they forget hairspray, need some perfume or some gum for fresh breath! Some couples also provide flip flops (in the wedding colors of course) in case you want to kick off your heels!
  • Skip tangible favors, because how many have you honestly used? In lieu of a shot glass, tablespoons of love or food favors - pick a charity of your choice and make a donation in the guests honor. If you had a family member who has heart disease you can choose the American Heart Association or if you are an animal lover, the ASPCA is always accepting donations. Check out these other awesome-worthy place you can donate to:
  • Not religious? Ask a close friend or family member to get ordained from the Universal Life Church. You can build the ceremony together and make it truly yours.
    • Please be sure to check your state laws for the rules and regulations concerning this type of ordination. 
  • Create custom postage. Do you love a photo of you and your fiance? Or want a fun way to share your engagement photos? Create a fabulous stamp for save-the-dates, invitations and the return envelope for the RSVP card.
Want to know more? Send me an email, I have dozens.

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