Dec 6, 2010

12. Holiday Sales = Wedding GOLD

Every person involved in a wedding whether you are the bride, a BM or the FOB- you will always be looking for a way to save money at each turn of the planning of the wedding. While some seem to be skeptical of the crazy shopping surrounding the December holidays such as Christmas and Hanukkah - I am one who happens to embrace it, and if you watch close enough, you will be able to find amazing deals on exactly what you need for your wedding or to throw a fabulous shower or bachelor party at a super-saver cost.

Coupled with a stack of coupons, intense pre-6am savings and the will inside you to find the best deals on great stuff - you will be able to achieve a lot in such a little time span.

I've been witness to some mind-blowing deals and while I am sucker for going out at midnight to the Premium Outlets -- the deals now offered on the web are just as phenomenal.

First, here are some tips to make the most with your money:
  • Free Shipping Day...thanks in part to my friend Alicia, I have learned to love this. "On Friday, December 17, more than 1,000 participating merchants will offer free shipping with delivery by Christmas Eve in the continental United States." So, you may not need it by Christmas Eve, but if you have a large # of favors, gifts or something else you are using for the wedding - take advantage of this amazing offer.
  • There's an app for that. In this day and age of everything digital your phone is your most valuable weapon.  You can get apps that do barcode scanning, price comparison, and local shopping apps. Check out these articles for some more options - or click over to your BlackBerry, iPhone or Android marketplace.
  • Plan ahead! Friends and I go to the Premium Outlets in PA most years - if you sign up for their newsletter, they send an email out about a week ahead of time so you can get an idea as to what their sales will be. Also, if you become an insider VIP you have access to amazing coupons. 
  • Lists! Lists! Lists! Ask anyone I know, and they will tell you of the extensive lists I make for almost anything I do. Start prepping lists of paper needs, ceremony and reception items - and potential gifts for bridesmaids, groomsmen and other in attendance.

Secondly, here are some savings I spotted when I ventured out to the mall on Black Friday that I wanted to share:
  • Want to get a killer pair of heels, yet the price just makes you annoyed? I found some great deals at Bakers. Below is a pair of sparkly white heels, perfect for a wedding. Original Price $79.95, down to $29.95. Also, they were running a special of buy one item, get the 2nd item half off - for the entire store.
    A fabulous simple wedding shoe in Silver, White or for the daring bride in Gold  
  • If you are looking for classic centerpieces or something beautiful to line the American Greetings they had large candles that would be perfect for a wedding looking for that extra special touch. The vase colors are Gold, Silver and Red - and on Black Friday they half off - original price $12. 
  • At Express, the entire store was 30% - and if you've ever shopped there, you know how awesome their jewelery and how you can always find that PERFECT clutch to go with your outfit for a night on the town...or your wedding gown.
These chandelier earrings ran for $22 so with the discount you are looking at a gorgeous set for about $7 cheaper!
  • By far my most expensive - and favorite item on the list, a Sexy Little Angel set from Victoria's Secret...priced at $298...whoa. VS is known for their amazing specials and perks for spending lots of money at their stores, but having worked there myself I must say there are three times a year a person should spend over $100 at their store: during the semi-annual sale and on Black Friday. The incentives are simply amazing and the sales are generally pretty good.
They also have really fabulous Bride stuff as well...
Bridal Tanks for $32

And Bling Bridal Hoodies (super, super cute) for $49.50 

I like to consider myself a bit of a Black Friday - and holiday shopping if you have any questions, shoot me an email or a message!


  1. Glad you liked my Free Shipping Day suggestion. But among all this Black Friday talk, you forgot to mention how you shoved me out of a moving vehicle to act as a human traffic cone to reserve a parking spot amidst the chaos that was the Premium Outlets parking lot at midnight. Perhaps that supports the case for shopping online??


  2. If anything tells like that night would propel me to be like HELL YEAH let's shop at the outlets.

    If only for stories like THAT.