Dec 8, 2010

14. Bridalplasty Review, part 2

So here I am, giving the network one person watching the show but alas, I do what I can to spare you the details.

Shanna Moakler is the host, first turn off.

Five minutes in the one girl complains about her money problems and how she had to cancel her wedding twice because her and her fiancĂ© were let go out their jobs. My first thought, well then shouldn’t you be home working instead of on this show?

More show details...the last bride standing will not only be the one with all the work done, gets to keep each gift they get through out the show. This episode so happened to be about wedding bands. Okay they’ve got me here…bling is always nice.

Challenge: they have to write vows and cite 5 specific things in them… and  then they will be judged based on the vows itself and how well they match their fiancĂ©s. Most of the girls start freaking out about if they will match the man they are with. Hm…shouldn’t you know the person you are marrying? I may not have known word for word what Jason, but I do know the man I married well enough to figure out something if I was put on the spot.

Top bride will win a plastic surgery of their choice off their wish list. Happy day. Chunky girls with dreams of liposuction and skinny girls who want D cups...shocking.

First girl up sounds like sappy piece of crap and way overdramatic. Clearly not actually making an effort, only a making a show of herself.

The winner got 4 out of 5 vows right and chose a nose job...and then they flash to the hospital where she gets surgery prep and then the ACTUAL nose job. The cameras come back to the girls left behind and how jealous they are.

Filler time of the girls strategizing and figuring out who to get kicked out. As if they have forgotten what its like to live with girls.

And then boom, the dramatic dismissal…they first vote by ballot, so you get the impression that its anonymous but then the next scene where there are 3 tables with the 3 girls with lowest score sit. Each girl takes their time and explain their vote and then sit at the table.

This episode, Jessica gets eliminated…I think maybe she was the only one I actually felt sorry for. She battled cancer and wanted her breasts to be they were before she endured this tragic chapter in her life. But alas, women proved to be women and voted her off.

Shanna dismisses her with “Your wedding will go on, it just may not be perfect” and I am relieved the show ends.

To be honest with you, I watch awful reality shows. I’ve watching all 3 “Rock of Loves,” both seasons of “Jersey Shore” and “I love Money.” But you will not catch “Bridalplasty” on my television again.

Next up? Healthy ways to actually make your body what you want without resorting to these strategies.

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