Dec 8, 2010

14a. Q&A for your Health

When I started looking into the E! show Bridalplasty, I felt that while hating the show, I wanted to show brides-to-be and anyone else looking to get into shape some great ways to turn their bodies around.

So I had a nice little phone interview with Dana, a manager at a health store.

Q: What do you think of the show?
A: I think it’s disgraceful quite honestly.  Takes away from the real meaning of a wedding and brings out the worse people. If someone loves you, you shouldn’t have to get surgery to alter how you look. The whole idea absurd and contradictory.
Q: What kind of regimen would you recommend to someone who wants to do that kind of a drastic change?
A: There are natural ways to help you look your best. Collagen, antioxidants green vitamins and omegas all come in powders. There are also safe and effective ways to reduce subcutaneous belly and thigh fat…CLA for one…works wonders. Health supplements, exercise and a balanced diet….and these are programs you and your spouse could do together and enjoy. Exercise and eat healthy together…its bonding.
Q: Do you recommend anything like p90x to get ready for the big day?
A: Yes! Definitely!
Q: What would you recommend for that last 1 month push?
A: A low-calorie 1500 calorie a day diet where you eat six times a day and still get proper nutrition. Fruit, veggies, high protein, chicken etc…And high intensity work outs with a lot of resistance, for example, cycling or p90x.

*If you have any questions for Dana, please let me know and I can ask her for you! 

The true goal should be overall health and satisfactions - and not to do anything to jeopardize your health. 

You can find different programs that fit you and don't force yourself into something you can't commit to.  By trying a couple different things you can get into the right rhythm to make yourself better.  

Here are a few weight-loss and healthy eating programs:

  • Weight Watchers - a great program that combines eating healthy and gives you the freedom to eat all types of food while watching portion size
  • SparkPeople - a free site that helps you manage your calorie count and encourages a healthy lifestyle  
  • p90x - an intense 90-day workout program - this program requires a yoga mat, pull-up bars and weights or bands
  • Insanity - put out by the same company as p90x, this is a 60-day intense workout where no equipment and no weights are needed
Also, here are some good magazines you can find a variety of workout programs with:


  1. p90x/insanity are good because they make it so easy. i think a lot of people have trouble sticking with a routine where they have to go to the gym, plan their own diet, etc. even if they have the help of a book or magazine.

  2. I personally just started Insanity and it really is...insane. But it works out great for me because I detest going to the gym regardless that I have a membership and have always been a routine-type person that needs things laid out for me. This is definitely a great program for people who are the same as me!