Dec 15, 2010

16. Prince William & Kate Middleton's Engagement Photos

Okay I admit it -- I'm a bit obsessed with these two, but come on...who isn't? Whatever...they have released their two engagement photos shot by Mario Testino. Mario's client list also includes Jennifer Aniston, Madonna and Demi Moore. He also did a glamorous black-and-white series of Prince Diana that published in Vanity Fair in 1997 shortly before she died in Paris.

Thanks to People Online & the Huffington Post I was able to snag these photos for you and give you all the details.

Kate proves she cares more about sense - than cost. Her dress from Reiss in the first photo cost about 159 Euros, which converts to about 213 US dollars. It is also clear that Prince William, second in line to throne, has inherited his mother's natural ability to be comfortable in front of the camera - and how well him and Kate fit together.

 Copyright 2010 Mario Testino

In this photo - where they both look so natural together, they are both actually sporting jeans (can't tell here though).  Kate is wearing a blouse from the Whistles 2008 autumn/winter collection and William is wearing a brown sweater over a classic white sweater.

Copyright 2010 Mario Testino

Can't wait until more details come out because I am way to excited for this!

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