Dec 15, 2010

16a. DIY centerpiece option!

Not everyone is lucky to have their centerpiece included in the price per head - and budget friendly couples clearly need options.

When I started to write this I was searching for a variety of different things - but the truth is you can do so much with only a few materials:
- Bowls/Vase/something to hold everything in
- Candles
- Mirrors
- Flowers: in bouquets or just the petals
- Vase gems/pebbles or a variety of other little things

Here are a variety of ways to use all or some of these materials:

Floating candles in a glass bowl
(my personal favorite and always looks stunningly classic)

End Result (sorry it's just easier to work backwards)

Step 1 - figure out how big you want to go. this will be the base for how much of everything you will need (for the sake of examples we will go with a 8" bowl)

8" bowls can purchased from Candles 4 Less for only $3.99

You will need 4-6 candles (you can do 4 small ones with one big one - or 5 medium sized etc...)
Pick the style of candles you want (there are a wide variety...see some below)
Price based on quantity on Candles 4 Less

 $11 for 12 hot pink floating candles on Glowlite
$3.99 per pack of 3

Next - choose your mirror. Some may choose to go without, but I prefer it - plus it looks great in photos.
Price based on quantity on Simply Wedding Stuff

Other things you can add/substitute in:

Tall vases instead of a bowl

Fake or real flower petals (what I used) scattered across the the mirror and around the table
     - If you go the real flower way, consult your florist
     - You can get boxes of fake flowers on Save on Crafts -- a box of 60 flowers petals for $2.49

Vase Gems are also sold in bulk (by the pound)

Materials can be found at:

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