Jan 31, 2011

34a. Surprise Wedding Reception

This randomly chosen couple thought they would have a quiet day to City Hall to get married...they were surprised with a FREE wedding reception thanks to Improv Everywhere.

Filled with a bridal party, speeches (by the random bridal party), cake...and presents.

Check it out...it's super awesome.

34. Wish Upon a Wedding - Preview Philadelphia Event

Wish Upon a Wedding is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization that provides weddings and vow renewals to couples facing terminal illness or other serious life-altering circumstances, regardless of sexual orientation. Often, couples facing such situations do not have the energy, time, money, or resources needed to plan their wedding. This amazing organization takes care of all the details, offering couples a chance to relax and enjoy a very special day while surrounded by the love of their closest family and friends.

By celebrating the courage & spirit of these couples, they help create lasting memories that will be cherished for years to come. It is our wish to instill a sense of hope and strength in other couples who may be facing similar situations.

Officially launched in January of 2010, Wish Upon a Wedding currently has over a dozen chapters to serve Wish Applicants. They service couples residing in or wishing to get married within 300 miles of any one of our chapter locations.

Tonight...is the official launch of their Philadelphia chapter and this blogger will have the great honor of being there! Click here to see the sponsors of the event...

Are you going? Can't wait! 

 Check out this amazing organization on...
     Facebook (main fan page...you can find each local chapter in their "favorite pages")

Jan 28, 2011

33. best fax...EVER?

In case you haven't heard...this past week royal save-the-dates have started to go out...via fax. No that's not a typo...I said fax.

My first thought? The only reason I know how to use a fax machine is because I have a job that has one...if we didn't - I wouldn't have the slightest clue. But maybe it's different in Europe? Who knows.

According to Britain's Daily Mail Online, Courtiers explained that a fax was best of passing on the information about a such a "large scale" event (and that it's been used before). As with any save-the-date, it is protocol to inform royal families first that they are in invited because of schedules laid out months in advanced. I guess that makes sense...although it's good to know that more formal gold-embossed, traditional invites will go out next month to more than 1,800 guests. Damn. And I thought my guests list of 243 was huge.

Royalty across Europe, like Serbia's Crown Prince Alexander and his wife, Crown Princess Katherine, who received the fax STD released statements about their attendance of the royal wedding this April. I guess mine is still on it's way.

The faxes came from the private secretary to the Queen.

In my hearing of this I expressed to Alicia (friend/Queen of the Google-obsessed) my wondering of when my save-the-date would arrive...and if the Queen knew my job's fax number.

This morning I get a Gchat message "are you in work?...go to your fax machine in 5 minutes."

Reasons why my best friend is cooler than yours? She sent this to my fax machine at work this morning...


Fake or not...it definitely made my morning...

And while we're on the subject of the Royal Wedding here are two little bits for you...

  • Lifetime has announced it plans to cast, film and air a movie based on the royal wedding and Prince William and Kate Middleton. It will air around the time that the couple will tie the knot (April 29th...as if you forgot).

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Jan 26, 2011

32a. the daily sparkle: Ideeli Bridal Sale goodies

Did you catch my alert earlier? I hope so, because Ideeli - known for their amazing designer sales - had one helluva "Ready, Set, WED" sale. They had sales on different actual wedding gifts (for guests), shoes, jewelery, lingerie (head over to the site for that), watches and... AND WEDDING GOWNS. Hot damn.

So let's recap some of the highlights...

PS...the sale ends 24 hours from it's start so you if you are still interested....you have until tomorrow - Jan 27th at 11am-ish

The "big day" dresses...






You can purchase a for Beau Coup $60 "certificate"for $30 towards their amazing party favors and more...

And lastly, for guests at a wedding...

Buyer tips...
Make sure to check the "return policy" of each item located under the big "Add to Cart" button 
Set your email preferences so you receive the right sales for you
Tell a friend and share the wealth

Follow Ideeli on...

And let me know if you buy anything! I know my friend Hayley bought herself some fabulous lingerie! That makes me happy :)

32. ALERT: Ideeli Bridal Sale NOW

Okay so I know this is wee bit late (okay, like 14 minutes past the start), but I just found out (thanks Melissa!)

To quote The Bride's Guide on Martha Stewart Weddings...

Log onto Ideeli, a members-only shopping website (membership is FREE) for those with an eye for all things stylish, starting on January 26th at 11am for their Ready, Set, Wed! event. The sale includes bridal gear -- designer gowns, mother-of-the-bride frocks, accessories, china, and lingerie -- and prices are super slashed. And, believe it or not, the dresses are returnable! Nicole Miller, Badgley Mischka, Calvin Klein Home, and Orrefors are just a few of the labels you'll find. See a sneak peek of items below.


What are you waiting for? GO NOW :)

Jan 24, 2011

31. the daily sparkle: milk & honey shoes

For today's "the daily sparkle"...or what I think it will be come to be known as "TDS" I draw on a web site that my friend Alicia sent me " i found a SPARKLE shoe and thought of you." Wonder if she knew I would feature it? Hmm...

So check it...Milk & Honey Shoes is a site created by two sisters and their love of shoes.  "We are two sisters born and raised on the east coast who have always had a passion for beautiful things and an affinity for shoes. This first came to light when Ilissa spent a semester abroad in Italy and was introduced to fine Italian food and fine Italian leather. She came home that summer 15 pounds heavier and with 17 pairs of fabulous footwear (this is not an exaggeration… ask our dad)."

So personal and I feel like I know them / totally understand the love of shoes.

What's the site all about? In a nut shell...you can DESIGN your own pair of shoes. Hooray! Starting with the silhouette...you pick the color, the material, heel weight and any embellishments you want to add on.

Ahh...I'm sold.

They also have an "Inspiration Gallery" in case you are stuck.

Are you sold yet? I wonder what pair I will design for myself...

Check out Milk & Honey Shoes on..

And pleaaaaase let me know if you order something!

Filene's Basements Running of the Brides

My top two shows of all time would have to be Friends and Sex and The City. (mostly, because of the shoes...no big...no BOTH) so you will see refer to them all the time. One of my favorite episodes (The One with the Cheap Wedding Dress) from Friends is when Monica, Rachel and Phoebe go to a store in Brooklyn, New York where they essentially fight for the dress Monica wants. They all have whistles and a plan of action...it's one of my favorites.

Monica: This is what you are looking for, memorize it...

When I first saw this a while ago I thought "wow that's a cool idea...I wonder if it really exists"...fast forward to January 2009 and I discover...IT DOES!

And Filene's Basement is the brilliant company behind it. Come on, you must have heard of it? For a bride-to-be who wants to dress of her dreams and a price she can afford...there is NO other way to do this.

So, are you interested yet? You should be. Running of the Brides is not only a great experience for the "team" that the bride comes with...it is a gateway to find the dress you've wanted since you were 5.

Don't believe me? According to Filene's Basement FAQs...
  • On average there are between 1400 and 3000 dresses!
  • And they cost...$249, $499 and $699.
    • Original prices between $900...$9,000

Check out this video on Filene's Basement YouTube Channel of their spotlight on Oprah.

Here are some tips you should know...before you go! Courtesy of Filene's web site!
  • Recruit your team and assign jobs.
  • Create team unity by wearing something matching—for example hats, t-shirts or headbands. This will also help you find each other in the crowd.
  • Tear out pages from bridal magazines, or print styles from on-line wedding gown sites to show your team what you’re looking for.

Want to know more? Email Pat Boudrot (of Filene's Basement). She can not only be a ton of help, but she can send you "Strategies for Success at the Running of the Brides"

So what's next?

Enter to win a wedding dress here. WeddingWire and Filene's Basement are giving away gift certificates towards a wedding dress of your choice at each of the

Running of the Brides...coming to a city near you!

PS - if you attend the NYC event on February 18th, you might just see this blogger there!

Jan 22, 2011

30. the daily sparkle

So, this is a new feature for this blog. If you can't tell by now, I love glitter, sparkles, sequins...basically anything that shines.

What I will try and do is not only bring you great wedding planning advice - but add a little pizazz to it.

For the first installment, I decided to draw on recent inspiration. Last Sunday (Jan16th) was the annual Golden Globes award show. Perfect place to get some sparkle-love. While a lot of the stars like Dianna Agron, Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway had amazing dresses...the dress that stood out the most to me was "Tron" star Olivia Wilde's Marchesa glittery gown.

So...let's make it a wedding dress. Being the alternative style...I would probably take the gown as is...but for you lovely ladies who wanna make it white. Here are some choices for you.


Jan 19, 2011

29. in memory of...

We all know a wedding is a time for celebration; however, even at that most special moment, each couple can choose to honor a family member or close friend who has passed on prior to their wedding.

Whether the passing was recent or a few years back, you can feel it in the air when the person is honored. But it's always beautiful to see how the couple chooses to do this.

Because this is so personal I decided, I will share how we honored those in mine and Jason's life who have passed on. We honored three people on the day of our wedding: my brother, Bobby; my aunt, Dolores and his Grandmother, Frances. They were mentioned in name during the ceremony, in text in the program (see below) and we placed a single red rose in a vase on a chair with a black cover at my parent's head table for my brother.

While there are many points throughout the day to honor those who have gone before us, in truth, I feel at the ceremony is the best place to go. It's where everyone is the most solemn and the most concentrated on the moment...the reception is the time for drinks, food and dancing. 

I posed this question to my Facebook people..."brides/grooms. did a loved one pass away and you honored them at your wedding?" and here are some of the responses...

While roses may be deemed by some couples as overused, personally, I think they are the most amazing symbol of honor and respect. Other flowers are just as gorgeous - but really, this blogger is biased. 

You can place a single flower in a vase in the front rows at the ceremony - or at the reception, a small flower can be placed on a chair in a silent symbol of your loved one.

Lastly, you can place a bouquet of roses (or another flower) can be placed on the altar or ceremony stage with the following poem either recited or within the program...
We pause to reflect upon those who have shaped our character,
Molded our spirits and touched our hearts.  
For those who have been separated from us physically,  
Faith and love have bound us eternally.  
Though we cannot touch you 
We feel the warmth of your smile.

A bouquet of roses has been placed in the room 
as a symbol of your presence here with us today 
and the memories we have shared in the past.  
May it also serve as a representation of the everlasting impact 
you have made upon our lives.
Source unknown
We have all heard the songs of a lost loved one - here are a few that I think are the most powerful. Feel free to use them in the ceremony, reception or the words in other ways. Creativity is encouraged! Any song that reminds you of your relationship can be just as important.
PS don't judge if these songs are old...they are still great and my iPod is way out of date. And all the links take you to YouTube!
We have heard of couples wearing or having a part of their loved ones on their person on the day of the wedding. Some brides have worn their mother's or grandmother's veil (sometimes dresses) - or they can have something like a sash made of the material. Grooms can also wear their father's (or grandfather's) tuxedos or cufflinks. While shoes may be a reach given the wear and tear but we cannot forget about the jewelry whether it's the engagement or wedding band; a locket or a set of pearls.

Here is a photo of my grandmother Sara's handkerchief that I used during my wedding and that my mother Susan used at hers...

As mentioned previously, a donation in honor of a loved one to a society that they worked for or if they passed away due a disease - there is no better way to show your support in finding a cure.

Loving Words
Whether it's the person's favorite poem, mentioning their name in the Prayer of the Faithful (Catholic Rite), reciting song lyrics or saying a few brief words...Words are powerful and moving and can be an amazing addition to your day.

However you do choose honor the person who is no longer with us, it will always shows how beautiful their life was - and how you choose to carry on with them by your side in spirit.

Jan 17, 2011

28. Goodwill Goodies

I think I'm in love...with books that is. Sure, those "nook" and "kindle" things are great, but for me? Well I love the smell of a good book. And to find one for cheap? Well that's even better.

If you haven't read my post on the best wedding books. Pause. Go back and read it. Then continue.

So wedding books, then can get ridiculously expensive...but before you mortgage your house and go and buy EVERY single one you see. Do yourself a favor and look around first.

Don't believe me? See for yourself.
  • The Complete Book of Wedding Toasts by John William McCluskey "contains over 300 toasts for every member of the wedding party, plus appropriate poems, essays, Scripture verses, wedding history and traditions"
    • Average web price on the web: $12
    • What my brother-in-law found it for? $0.50 at the local library

  • Bridal Showers: 50 Great Ideas for A Perfect Shower by Sharon E. Dlugosch and Florence  E. Nelson 
    •  Average web price on the web: $4.00 (plus shipping)
    • Price found at a library: $1.00
  • How to Have An Elegant Wedding for $5,000 or Less by Jan Wilson & Beth Wilson Hickman
    • Now, I know this is on my money wasters list part of my article, but hey I found it cheap
    • Average web price on the web: $16.95
    •  Price at Goodwill: $1.00
In this day where everyone could use a little savings (even the most lavish bride) you can find great deals everywhere!
Next up for the bride who wants to be thrifty? Yet to be seen...

Jan 16, 2011

27a. Sammy Davis Vintage

In case you live under a rock, Sammy Davis Vintage is a great vintage web site/company/inspiring company run by well you guessed it Sammy Davis. She sells vintage clothing and her site is an amazing resource and read for all those who love vintage and those who are just getting into it.

 from her "About" Section

what the hell does this have to do with weddings?

Well. SD has done a few posts with wedding and bridesmaids flair...

Kate Middleton Inspiration: Vintage Wedding Dresses You Can Wear Any Day of the Year

Bridesmaid Dresses on NYE: Because Every Dress Can Be Worn [At Least] Twice

How to Add Vintage Flair to a Modern-Day Bridesmaid Dress


This post is really about one friend shouting out another...you see, Sammy and I went to Temple together and she is one of those people whose personality is electric. 

SD Vintage is wildly popular, incredibly creative and [the main reason for this post] SHE WILL BE ON THE NATE BURKUS SHOW.

So what now?

Set your DVR [or watch live]: Friday, January 28th at 3pm on NBC in the NY/NJ area
Check SD Vintage out on Facebook
Follow her on Twitter @sammydavis22 or @sammydvintage.

Whether or not your into vintage, I would highly recommend checking her out.

Is there anything next happening?

Hmmm I foresee a fabulous post about great wedding dresses and accessories in the coming future with Sammy Davis Vintage and Daily Dose of Wedding... stay tuned!

27. the game of Life?

So while playing the board game LIFE with my husband the other night, I thought hm...well wouldn't that make an interesting theme for a bridal shower or wedding if the couple is super into boardgames?

I mean, you could do a ton of stuff yourself and you with so many boardgames out there to choose from, the possibilities are practically endless. It can be both fun and tastefully done.

 Save the Dates...
Isn't this the place where all wedding themes start? It's the first impression of your wedding and the key for your theme.

Like these two incredibly creative STD by Ashley Bowron (2BirdStone). Visit her Etsy store by clicking here.

Or this Scrabble STD by The Original Pear. See the rest of their shop here.

Shower Invitations...

Always able to find something awesome at Wedding Paper Divas...this joint wedding shower is just adorable and definitely affordable.

Scrabble pieces can make such small but vintage additions to your wedding...

And lastly, if you want to give your guests travel board games as a favor Amazon.com sells them new and used of all sorts of games...