Jan 8, 2011

24. a bride's right to shoes

sorry grooms, you probably won't enjoy this :)
I didn't used to love shoes. I was perfectly happy with my Old Navy flip flop collection...but as my obsession with Sex and The City has grown...so has my need for a pair of Manolo Blahnik's.

The shoe that inspired this post, is a pair I've been long obsessed with. I did a search in my email for when I sent my friend Alicia the link to them...it was dated one month and two days after we got engaged. We didn't have a venue or photographer booked. I hadn't thought about bridesmaids dresses or flowers...theses shoes were the only thing I required.

Season 6, Episode 9..."A Woman's Right to Shoes"
Carrie goes to her friend's baby shower where she is forced to take off her $485 (priced in 2003) Manolo's and they are stolen...blah blah they clash over life choices, the friend refuses to reimburse her and eventually Carrie leaves a message about how's she engaged..."to myself, oh and I'm registered at Manolo Blahnik"

Okay back to topic.

The moment I started thinking about what to wear these shoes popped up instantly into my head. I had never shopped at Neiman Marcus before, so I dressed up and waltzed into the shoe department. I think I figured out why people like to shop at the more expensive places, because the woman who helped me was amazing. I tried on a few pairs...nothing what I wanted, but hey it was fun.

Ah...here they are.

Behold. Manolo Blahnik Jeweled Satin d'Orsay...for $715 at Neiman's. Beautiful in all its glory.

Or these beauties featured in Sex and the City: The Movie

They are the "Something Blue Satin Pump" currently priced at Neiman's for $945 (hot damn) even though Carried states they are $525 in the movie. Sorry people.

But alas, time to come back down to reality because I wasn't about to purchase shoes that cost almost HALF as much as much dress. So in honor of making it fabulous without spending a ton of money...here are some amazing shoes that you can wear that are both stylish and original. 

*Please see the bottom of the post for all the links to find the shoes
Keeping it Traditional...

Okay, so I cannot remember for the life of me where my mom bought my platform flip flops...I do know that she only paid about $20! If you are not in the mood to wear your heels all night you can this style flip flops on a lot of bridal sites.
My Nina shoes are the right (now dyed red!) were found at DSW for about $50. They were super comfy and I had them on for about 2 hours - which was when I switched over to the sandals.

 Gimme some COLOR...

First, a fabulous wedding. Laura, the bride and author the blog You Stir Me had the most creative and beautifully colored wedding (her DIY stuff to come). Below are her adorable pink shoes, photos by Amanda Perkins Photography. Also, check out the feature of her big day featured on Style Me Pretty






 Make it creative people...
 Zazzle.com has an awesome collection of "I Do" Wedding Shoes by Keds. You can get them for the Bride, Groom, Bridesmaid etc...
          Here are one of the many brides options.

Can I just say I just found these the other day? I'm so upset I couldn't use them for my wedding.

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