Jan 17, 2011

28. Goodwill Goodies

I think I'm in love...with books that is. Sure, those "nook" and "kindle" things are great, but for me? Well I love the smell of a good book. And to find one for cheap? Well that's even better.

If you haven't read my post on the best wedding books. Pause. Go back and read it. Then continue.

So wedding books, then can get ridiculously expensive...but before you mortgage your house and go and buy EVERY single one you see. Do yourself a favor and look around first.

Don't believe me? See for yourself.
  • The Complete Book of Wedding Toasts by John William McCluskey "contains over 300 toasts for every member of the wedding party, plus appropriate poems, essays, Scripture verses, wedding history and traditions"
    • Average web price on the web: $12
    • What my brother-in-law found it for? $0.50 at the local library

  • Bridal Showers: 50 Great Ideas for A Perfect Shower by Sharon E. Dlugosch and Florence  E. Nelson 
    •  Average web price on the web: $4.00 (plus shipping)
    • Price found at a library: $1.00
  • How to Have An Elegant Wedding for $5,000 or Less by Jan Wilson & Beth Wilson Hickman
    • Now, I know this is on my money wasters list part of my article, but hey I found it cheap
    • Average web price on the web: $16.95
    •  Price at Goodwill: $1.00
In this day where everyone could use a little savings (even the most lavish bride) you can find great deals everywhere!
Next up for the bride who wants to be thrifty? Yet to be seen...

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