Jan 24, 2011

Filene's Basements Running of the Brides

My top two shows of all time would have to be Friends and Sex and The City. (mostly, because of the shoes...no big...no BOTH) so you will see refer to them all the time. One of my favorite episodes (The One with the Cheap Wedding Dress) from Friends is when Monica, Rachel and Phoebe go to a store in Brooklyn, New York where they essentially fight for the dress Monica wants. They all have whistles and a plan of action...it's one of my favorites.

Monica: This is what you are looking for, memorize it...

When I first saw this a while ago I thought "wow that's a cool idea...I wonder if it really exists"...fast forward to January 2009 and I discover...IT DOES!

And Filene's Basement is the brilliant company behind it. Come on, you must have heard of it? For a bride-to-be who wants to dress of her dreams and a price she can afford...there is NO other way to do this.

So, are you interested yet? You should be. Running of the Brides is not only a great experience for the "team" that the bride comes with...it is a gateway to find the dress you've wanted since you were 5.

Don't believe me? According to Filene's Basement FAQs...
  • On average there are between 1400 and 3000 dresses!
  • And they cost...$249, $499 and $699.
    • Original prices between $900...$9,000

Check out this video on Filene's Basement YouTube Channel of their spotlight on Oprah.

Here are some tips you should know...before you go! Courtesy of Filene's web site!
  • Recruit your team and assign jobs.
  • Create team unity by wearing something matching—for example hats, t-shirts or headbands. This will also help you find each other in the crowd.
  • Tear out pages from bridal magazines, or print styles from on-line wedding gown sites to show your team what you’re looking for.

Want to know more? Email Pat Boudrot (of Filene's Basement). She can not only be a ton of help, but she can send you "Strategies for Success at the Running of the Brides"

So what's next?

Enter to win a wedding dress here. WeddingWire and Filene's Basement are giving away gift certificates towards a wedding dress of your choice at each of the

Running of the Brides...coming to a city near you!

PS - if you attend the NYC event on February 18th, you might just see this blogger there!

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