Feb 28, 2011

44b. When Wedding Insurance Matters

When we begin planning our weddings, we never dream something could go incredibly wrong. We plan, we organize and we make sure to cross all T's and dot all I's. Read below and see how Melissa took her wedding venue woes and turned into a learning lesson for the future for the positive.
Starting to plan our wedding felt like a whirlwind. I bought wedding magazine and scoured the Internet for locations as soon as I could. When I found the Elkins Estate I thought it was perfect. An old estate with architecture based off a vintage Italian building just outside of Philadelphia. It was gorgeous. The tall ceilings, chandeliers, grand staircase, and paintings on the ceilings made me fall in love with the building.

We began reviewing the contract immediately. Since the Estate was newly bought by the Land Conservancy of Elkins Park they were offering a discount: put 50% down and save 10%. Sounded amazing to us. After all we were positive we wanted to have our wedding there. So we did it. We put 50% of the fee down as well as an additional fee to have an outside caterer. We also paid for both liability and cancellation wedding insurance through WedSafe. The Estate required the liability insurance to protect the historic integrity of the building and since the cancellation insurance was only a little bit extra we went for it too.

A year later (we are having a two+ year engagement) I received an email that is every bride’s biggest fear. The email was a few paragraphs long but all I saw were the words “no choice but to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.” I spent the next few hours going from panic attack to researching other wedding venues. I didn’t sleep much the next few nights being terrified that 1) they had so much of our money and 2) that we didn’t have a place to get married. Even when I did start sleeping again it was not a good nights sleep for a few weeks while I went over every possibility in my head.

The Estate was and is continuing to maintain the fact that they believe they will continue holding weddings there. There is no guarantee though and it is impossible to plan a wedding without a secure venue. Several other brides have informed me that they are holding out because the venue representatives have ensured them it will all work out okay. But there is no guarantee so all anyone can do is sit and wait to see what happens or cancel and find a new place. For me the stress of it all was not worth waiting.

Once I had time to get my head straightened out I called up our wedding insurance company to ask them our options. Since we had purchased the cancellation insurance we were able to get half of the missing deposits back. It was such good news despite the fact that we were still our a few grand.

We recently signed a new contract at a new venue. It’s no Italian estate but it is very elegant with high ceilings and chandeliers. Also due to its location we no longer need extra transportation, which saves us money.

Thanks to the cancellation insurance we were also able to file a claim for extra expenses receiving the rest of the deposit we paid to the Estate as well as extra money that it is costing to re-locate the wedding. The insurance only cost a few hundred to purchase and yet they have paid us several thousand back due this whole mess of a situation.

So what did I learn from all of this? 
  1. Getting engaged is very exciting and it feels like you need to start everything right away and that every decision can make or break a wedding. But it won't. So think with a straight head rather than your emotions.
  2. Businesses always look out for themselves even if they say they are working to protect you. Look out for yourself.
  3. Never put down more than necessary for a deposit. Especially when it is a new business or organization. Saving a couple hundred is not worth risking a few thousand.
  4. Insurance is definitely a great idea. Paying an extra a few hundred seems like a lot when you're thinking nothing will ever happen. But things do happen. And insurance will protect you. If you are going to pay for insurance for a car or a house why not buy insurance for another big expense: a wedding. 

- Melissa

44a. Wanna get an engagement ring? There's an app for that.

I'm never amazed anymore...well really, I was just waiting for this to come.

Ladies, sick of your man dragging his heels on that rock you've always wanted? There's an app for that...well at least to help you or significant other pick the ring of your dreams.

Let's pause for a second and live in a world where we can all afford a Tiffany & Co. engagement ring and indulge ourselves.

iTunes has the Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring app. Check it out here. Recently turned onto this app (thank you Lauren) I was amazed and instantly jealous about not having access to this app via my BlackBerry.

The description reads: Find your perfect engagement ring with Tiffany & Co.’s Engagement Ring Finder.
Browse styles, view actual carat weights, determine your ring size and learn why a Tiffany engagement ring is the best there is.

iPhone screenshots...

 Okay time to wake up...look at the price about for the 2.5 carat ring... $41,500...wow

On their official Facebook page, you view photos, join a discussion and watch videos. They also link to their YouTube page...where you can watch a demo of the iPhone app.

The demo walks you through how to use the app and most importantly...how to share it via email, Facebook or Twitter.

But hey Tiffany's (again, thanks Lauren for pointing this out) maybe change the relationship status on the Facebook page of the girl "posting" this share from "single" to "in a relationship"...just a thought.

44. More Royal Wedding...

Are you sick of me being obsessed with the royal wedding? I love it. It's really so exciting. So just get on board with it

Recently while I was wandering around TheKnot I discovered an ENTIRE William/Kate section.



Plus - they have a Royal Countdown ticker. You can add yours to your blog or web site -- I added mine to my sidebar!


And lastly (and probably the most fun) they created (for fun) a wedding web site for William/Kate. Please note: the wedding web site was not created by or endorsed by the royal couple - the staff over at WeddingChannel.com wanted to do something fun for the rest of us.

Filled with all the fun stuff that other couples provide for their guests...this is quite the awesome web site for us Royal Wedding obsessed. So do yourself a favor and check it out.

PS the guest book is a REAL function. Leave a message...I know I will, well maybe.

Feb 24, 2011

43b. Meet Alison!

While some people spend hours reading the New York Times or the most recent issue of their favorite fashion magazine, I spend hours reading wedding blogs. Yep, I’m one of those girls. One of those girls who has every detail of her wedding planned out – from the dress to the invitations to the flowers to the guy. My name is Alison and I love weddings.

I’ve always loved people falling in love – books, movies, television, and real life. To me, love is one of the most ultimate forms of happiness and watching people experience and celebrate that on one beautiful day of their lives is why I love weddings so much. It’s a collection of loved ones coming together to see the union of two people. To dance, eat tasty food, wear your Sunday best, and see all the family and friends you haven’t seen in years. It’s pure joy.

I’ve just joined Daily Dose of Wedding and plan to carry out my enthusiasm for these special occasions in every piece of writing. Expect posts to get you inspired, DIY projects, and newsworthy stories in the wedding world – like the Royal Wedding (because we all love Will and Kate.)


43a. Meet Ryan!

Hello everyone, my name is Ryan Rosengrant and I will be marrying Jonnelle Fabrizio on 11/11/11. Let me get a little bit into the story of how this loving couple came to be.

First we met through the magic and joy that is eHarmony. I know many people aren’t all for this, but if you want to find true love in the 21st century, this is a good way to get it started.

Jonnelle and I fell for each other in a very quick manner. Each of us has a semi-interesting story of how we knew the other was “the one”. For me it was when she and I were at Six Flags and we went on the bungee jumping ride. I am terrified of heights; I knew she had been sky diving before, so I figured she wasn’t going to be scared. I was wrong. We get up to the top of the jump and they let us go and she is holding my arm so tight. On a side note I had bruises and dig marks for a month, but it was all worth it.

When this jump was all over I knew that she was “the one” for me. By holding on that tight it meant that she trusted me. In my mind there isn’t anything in this world that is more important in a relationship than trust. If you don’t have that, you don’t have anything.

Her moment was a simple little moment but it meant the world to her. We were at the Philadelphia Zoo and she loves zebras. I mean loves them; she has a big zebra blanket, shoes, stuffed animals, slippers you get the point. Anyway, we were standing there watching the zebras and apparently we were there for a very long time. I thought I was just being nice, I knew she loved the zebras, what I didn’t know was she was falling in love with me.

Jonnelle and I got engaged on Christmas Day 2009 and have been planning the “big day” ever since. She is the typical girl that knows what she wants for the day and if anyone gets in her way, watch out. I will be on my best behavior.

This website is a little different than the type of writing that I have done in the past. I have written for The Temple News as a sports and opinion writer for the past two years. I was also a fantasy writer for the National Lacrosse League. For some reason I see this style and type of writing more up my alley. I always felt restricted, and couldn’t really get out there and speak my mind and true feelings. I believe this will give me the opportunity to do that. Thanks for reading and stay tuned, this will be fun.


43. Growth

I started this blog a few months ago hoping to have an outlet for all my thoughts and opinions on weddings and anything that comes with it. Now - that I am knee deep in this project, I feel like I found my voice. I am an honest person and the idea of not being honest? Definitely not okay with that. And this blog really lets my voice echo. It's true what they say "Your blog is an unedited version of yourself. Just keep talking and eventually your brain will come up with something."

Four months ago I was just a writer who loved planning weddings with no daily place to put my thoughts. Haley Madison Magazine was a great starting place for all of this...I love my monthly column and those articles are so in-depth and researched, it's a great post every time. Now, I have a strong group of people who contribute their opinions, a nice following, a Facebook page and a Twitter account...just for this site. I'm really lucky to have a wonderful group of readers and supporters.

I'm pleased to announce a few more steps of growth. We have three new people on board.
Rebecca - will come on board as my PR person as well as a contributer
And two writers (thanks Temple journalism list serv) - Ryan & Alison
Look for their intro pieces in the coming days!

Definitely looking forward to what's to come for 2011.

PS - looking to join the Daily Dose of Wedding team? Send me an email with what you would like to do: Sara@dailydoseofwedding.com

business cards from Vista Print

Feb 23, 2011

42a. Upcoming Contests!

So you're engaged...and things are costing a million dollars!! Here are a few contests to check out to ease the cost and perhaps score you some goodies.

Groom of the Year
Tell Brides.com why YOU (the groom) will be the best husband.
The Top 16 men will face off in Matrimony Madness (sound familiar?) and America will determine the winner! Contest ends 2/25 -- act fast!

One grand prize will be awarded. The winner will receive $25,000 for their wedding and up to 25 hours of consultation with Michelle Rago and staff via phone, video chat or in-person. Michelle Rago and team will provide advice and direction for the winner and guest (e.g. design aesthetic, thematic decisions, color palates, event location, music direction, florals, food, beverage and cake design, honeymoon location, etc.) and deliver an overall written and visual plan.  
    ps - more on the amazing new developments with Google Weddings coming soon!

Winner will receive a prize valued at $7,100 including a custom wedding cake by Town Crier Bakery, Photography (8 hours of coverage, High Res DVD of all Final Images, Online Gallery, and a Proofbook) by All That Glitters Photography , $500 worth of invitations by Voila Customs by Nicole, $500 worth of flowers by Monday Morning Flower Company, 8 personal training sessions from the Newtown Athletic Club, Bridal Hair & Makeup by the Salon & Spa at the Newtown Athletic Club, A “Here Comes the Bride” wedding planner package from Proud to Plan,  Entertainment (DJ) & L.E.D. lighting by Cutting Edge Entertainment 
One Grand Prize will be awarded to the Finalist selected as the Grand Prize Winner (the "Grand Prize Winner"). The Grand Prize will consist of an Ultimate Wedding planned/designed by the Wedding Planner, valued at approximately One Hundred Twenty Thousand Dollars ($120,000) (the "Wedding Budget"). The Wedding Budget includes the Wedding Planner's fee ($20,000) and a $10,000 Crate and Barrel Shop Card, leaving a balance of $90,000 ("Wedding Budget Balance") to cover items outlined below. 
The Wedding planner is: Yifat Oren

Good luck!

42. World's oldest wedding cake

According to Brides.com via UK Daily Mail...a wedding cake exists that is about 110 years old.
This ornate wedding cake was once displayed in the window of a family bakery C H Philpott in Potters Lane Basingstoke. It is believed to have been made in 1898 and was donated to the Museum Service in 1995 by the baker’s daughter Ruby Philpott. - via
 The cake is at the Willis Museum in Basingstoke, Hampshire and is reported to have survived a World War II bombing raid - very cool. I mean, I love cake (like funfetti) but I'm not sure I would ever try this...but like I said, very cool that it exists.

World's Oldest Wedding Cake
1890s Wedding Cake

Feb 22, 2011

41a. "The Worst Thing I Never Said" preview

There will come a point in your planning...a point where you stop and think..."when did this start to become less about our wedding and more about what people think we owe them?"

The world is blurred by shows like Bridezillas and the idea that the bride is the only person who ruins a wedding being planned but the REAL truth is...sometimes there are those - outside the bride and groom - who make planning a wedding challenging on levels to difficult to describe. 

I hate to admit it out loud...but I had a few people that made my wedding planning - or the plans that I was making very difficult to deal with. Almost a year later, the fact that I never truly let my feelings out still bothers me. It's hard to be quiet when you pride yourself on being a very honest person.

In an effort to at least place my feelings somewhere...I put together a really personal piece for an upcoming edition of "Before I Do" on Haley Madison Magazine.

It'll be out in a few weeks - I hope it helps you as much as it helps me.

41. Royal Wedding Invitations Go Out

Over this past weekend, the 1,900 guests invited to the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton went out. The invites are printed in royal gold lettering on 10" x 6" white cardstock with gilded edges. The emblem at the top belongs to Queen Elizabeth. The queen herself addressed invitations to 40 other foreign royal figureheads, including dignitaries from Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Greece.

According to the Huffington Post...

Britain's Sunday Express newspaper reported that footballer David Beckham and his wife Victoria are on the royal guest list. William worked with Beckham on England's failed bid to win the right to host the 2018 World Cup.
In a statement, William's office insisted it would not disclose details of individual guests. Royal officials also declined to confirm reports that William's aunt, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, won't be invited.
Royal historian Hugo Vickers said details of the guest list released so far suggested ordinary members of the public won't have a front line role.
"I think what this tells us is that they are a very traditional couple," Vickers said. "It strikes me as an entirely sensible and predictable type of list, looking to balance the need to invite all the people who should be there -- because William will one day be king -- with inviting those who they want to be there."

As for the rest of England, they will be able to head to the capital's streets and watch Kate arrive at Westminster Abbey by car and millions more anticipated to watch the ceremony and celebrations on television.

Or you can get a job there. Recently, Queen Elizabeth posted two new jobs on her web site - a General Assistant in the Coffee room and a General Assistant in the "wash-up" department.The dish-washer must maintain "the cleanliness of the staff restaurant and wash-up areas" while the other employee will be in a team responsible for arranging trays for tea and coffee and breakfast with "the correct glass and porcelain".

No invitation for me yet...maybe I'll apply for the coffee room assistant...I do love coffee.

Feb 17, 2011

40a. Philadelphia Flower Show

The annual Philadelphia Flower Show is the largest flower show in the world. The theme for this year's show is Springtime in Paris.

The Philadelphia Flower Show is deeply rooted in the history of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS), which was founded in 1827. Charter members brought interesting plants to display at meetings and, eventually, to share with the public. In the 1960s, PHS took over management of the Philadelphia Flower Show, also encouraging participation by amateurs — individuals and garden clubs.
With the help of hundreds of volunteers the show raises significant funds to support PHS’s community greening programs and other civic initiatives in Philadelphia. - Visit Philly

The show runs this year from March 6th-13th and the cost varies so please be sure to head to the web site to see what it costs for you or your group.

Whether you need some direction for your wedding flowers or want a great afternoon with your mother, future mother-in-law and bridesmaids - this is a wonderful event to definitely attend because everyone could use a little color in their life!

40. Diamond Prices Going Up

CNBC's Fast Money: Diamond Prices Jumping Along With Commodities - CNBC

"The Diamond Price Index is up almost 10 percent in 12 months, the biggest year-over-year increase since 2008, according to Morgan Stanley and the International Diamond Exchange. De Beers, the world’s biggest producer, said last week that prices for rough diamonds increased by 27 percent in 2010 to levels higher than before the global financial crisis."
Not down with all the financial mumbo-jumbo? Basically it says - and for those thinking about getting engaged...PAY ATTENTION - the prices of diamonds (engagement rings) are going up.

Feb 14, 2011

Wish Upon a Wedding Philadelphia Launch...A Wonderful Affair

Did I take long enough to post this? Sorry...I lost this whole post...twice. AH

I must admit, the idea of a 2 hour drive from my North New Jersey office to the Wish Upon a Wedding (WuW for short) Philadelphia Chapter Event Launch...was a little daunting. BUT I was determined to get there, and I am so glad I did...because it was 100% worth it.

After finding a parking lot about a block away from the Top of the Tower...I pushed "50" and heading up. In truth, there is no other word to use to describe not only the evening - but also the organization - but amazing.

The night began mingling with the others in attendance. After registering, I had to go to the bathroom...where I met Christina Hill, owner of cHill weddings...it was totally cool. Then I spent 10 minutes trying to get my pin on...thank God for nice people (thanks Mary!). Once settling in, I started to walk around. From amazing cupcakes from Cupcakes Gourmet to signature turquoise drinks sponsored by Penn 1681 Vodka...everything was delicious.

I ate the chocolate ones...they were divine.

Then I stopped by the donations table to make a contribution and to snag some more photos...

Wish Upon a Wedding's Signature Handkerchief's sponsored by Li'l Inspirations

I finally made into the big room where we could eat, drink and dance (music by Cutting Edge DJs - shout out to Richie Abrams) where the theme carried over beautifully. 

After about a half hour, we were all asked to go into another room and the President of the Philadelphia chapter of WuW, Mark Kingsdorf - owner and master bridal consultant of Queens of Hearts Wedding Consulting - began his speech.

The speech was moving to say the least. He explained the beginnings of WuW, his involvement and what WuW does.
What if your doctor called and told you that you had a terminal prognosis and you were at the end of your life. What is the one thing you would want? If you're going out...you're going out big.
And then he queued up a video of couples who were touched by this amazing organization. Needless to say, everyone in the room was moved to tears.

Branded Productions put a great video of the event together (including Mark's speech) and I wanted to put the video up (thanks Ed!) on the blog HOWEVER...blogger is not letting me. So do two things...1 head to their Facebook page and "like" them...and then go here to see the amazing video! PS I'm in there, about 1:23ish in.

So let's review...what does WuW do? Wish Upon a Wedding is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization that provides weddings and vow renewals to couples facing terminal illness or other serious life-altering circumstances, regardless of sexual orientation.

How can I help as a....Vendor? Wish Upon a Wedding relies on the generosity of professionals from the Wedding and Hospitality industries to provide goods and services for our Wish Recipients. By calling on our database of regional Wish Granters, they are able to make wedding dreams come true. From caterers to photographers, and from DJs to cake designers, {and everything in between}, they need you! 
Other ways to help...
Host a Fundraiser
Center pieces by Papertini

LOVE Cake by Bredenbeck's Bakery

Want to more photos?
Head over to DDOW's Facebook page to see my full album
Also, to see the full album from Unique Concepts, click here to view it on Facebook or here to see it on their blog/web site!!

Check out some more news coverage via YouTube...
NBC 10

Special shout out to all the cool people I met that evening!
Christina Hill & Natash Bunch - cHill Weddings
Richie Abrams - Cutting Edge DJs
Carmella Dellapore - Crown Jewel Events
Mary Ruegg - Brides Magazine
Allegra Fasnacht - Birchtree Catering
Jeremy Evans Thomas - Jeremy Evans Thomas Photography
Meredith Miller & Brittany Ostrov - Cloud Fish Studios
Candice Benson - The Finishing Touch

39. Bitter hearts unite

Maybe it's the sarcastic person inside me...but I love...and I hate Valentine's Day all at the same time. Or as Hilary calls it "Happy Single's Awareness Day."

So while talking to my singles friends this morning...I remembered my very first article I wrote for The Temple News and was like yeah...I need to repost it.

So do yourself a favor - single or taken - and read my first article published 4 years ago. It's still one of my favorites.

Bitter hearts unite

Instead of moping at home this Valentine’s Day, throw an “Anti-Valentine’s Day” bash. When people are loveless, they can’t help but say no to snubbing love in the face. Help them out this year and maybe find a little bit of love yourself.

Feb 10, 2011

38. Money Matters...with the King Of Savings.

My friend Marc is the person I like to refer to as "the King of Savings." He once told me he went to 4 different registers at Macy's and saved 75%. Yeah, he's the person I'm going to default to when I want to share money issues with my readers. So when I asked him to write a post for ddow...he was pretty excited. So enjoy, we'll talk afterward. 

First off a big Mazel Tov to you if you are newly engaged or married! Now that you are planning the big day or just past your wedding there is the big question that stumbles every couple in the world...finance. And I’m here to give you {soon-to-be} newlyweds a few tips on how to increase your spending power and save money at once.

In the coming days, weeks, months you will start receiving a lot of gifts from gift cards, to whatever is on your registry (we’ll get to that hoax later), and more importantly cash or checks. No matter how much you receive there are many ways to get the most bang for your buck! When you and your significant other sit down and discuss your finances one of the first things will be what do we do with all of this cash? One way it could be put to use is towards a down payment on a house…but since we’re talking about consumer spending, it’s all about going to the mall.

What are your favorite stores? Do they have rewards programs? How about credit cards that offer more rewards as well as special sales? Do you like to travel? Do you like cash?

If you like any of the major department stores like Macy’s or Bloomingdale's, they both have credit cards and special sales by signing up for their programs. Or if you’re someone who likes shopping everywhere then why not sign up for a cash rewards or airline miles credit card. This way you can earn cash or miles to go on a trip with your significant other.

I receive sales, coupons you name it from Macy’s, Bloomingdale's and other places and the average discount is usually between 15-25% and that’s on top of the current sales. Think about it…let’s say there is an item you want that is retail at $200. The sale is 25% off so then it’s $150 plus another 20% off with your coupon/credit card that would make it $120. Now you can earn cash back or miles on the purchase just by swiping the card. So this $200 item is now $120 (40% off) plus cash back depending on the card and miles towards your honeymoon, anniversary, and an excursion. Not bad for minimal effort right?

Now let’s multiply out the savings and cash back or miles with who knows how much money you will receive on your big day. If you can get this kind of savings for each item, you want think about how much money you have at the end of the day or how much more you will be able to buy plus cash rewards and miles. This adds up with very little effort.

Add all this up, and this is my main argument against the wedding registry. Look at the damage you can do if you and your significant other spend the money instead of schlepping all the gifts from the hall to your home. Besides do you really need some of the things you zap in the store? I bet there would be edits between the initial zap and when receiving some of these items. Besides you should let your husband get a few PS3 games it’ll go a long way!

Until next time.
- Marc

A little more on Marc's theory on buying "off-the-registry"...he bought Jason and I the most beautiful serving platter for our wedding from Williams-Sonoma and we got to (finally) use it this past November for our first Thanksgiving as a married couple. I must say it's one of my absolute favorite wedding gifts that we received. 

Feb 9, 2011

37. New Year's Eve Wedding Invitations

Kathryn + Kyle: New Year's Eve Wedding Invitations

Are you getting married on New Year's Eve? Check out this awesome post (thanks Melissa) about really amazing looking stationary one couple used for their wedding.

My personal favorite is the "Do Not Disturb" signs for hotel guests for post-party snoozing.

Feb 8, 2011

36. wedding + football = theme.

I'm from a tiny dot on the map outside of Philly. I love the Eagles and am nothing less than diehard for the Phillies. My hubby is originally from Queens and grew up in Jerz. He loves the Yankees, Knicks, Rangers...and the Colts - but we don't hold the Colts against him.

It's an understatement to say we disagree on sports. I'm surprised our engagement survived the 2009 Phillies vs Yankees World Series. He loathes Philadelphia and frankly, I'm relieved he doesn't like the Giants or the Mets. That would damper our future.

And while he swears up and down that I made a bet on said WS 2009 that I would wear a Yankees veil if we lost...the idea of trying to filter our mutual love of sports into our wedding was dead when it hit the water. (PS just reading this to him..."oh you want to bring THAT up again...you MADE the bet") -- I didn't.

But perhaps you're different. And you and your future significant other can figure out a peaceful way to incorporate your team love into your wedding. I'm jealous.

Engagement Photos...I love this shoot - Kristin & Pete are getting married April 30th (they were featured in my 2011 wedding special) and their engagement photos are probably some of my favorite I've ever seen! Luckily, they are both Philadelphia sports fans...so it was perfect.

Images by Matt Wright at Fig Tree Photography

 There are many ways that you can add all sorts of crazy things on your big day. My friend sent me this web site and I was clicking around and saw Rutgers cufflinks. I thought of my 3 friends Mark, James & Mike instantly. Well...they have to be engaged first.

So for one example, you could incorporate the school you went to - or your favorite college football team. Check out these Rutgers Scarlet Knights cufflinks -. This web site - Cufflinks Man - also has NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB cufflinks (and some other sports)

 Favors...do you two love to golf together? Or are you big baseball fans? Why not make your favor a golf ball and a few tees. Or a brand new baseball. It's cute - and most importantly, useful.

Images via

Attire...Before you go "WHAT?" -- let me clarify...I don't mean make the bridesmaids dresses out a your favorite teams jerseys....what I can suggest is subtly mix in the colors. For example, If you are a Eagles fan...your girls can be in emerald green and for the flowers you can splash a few white flowers in between. 

Stationary...Getting super creative is all what a wedding is about. Take it to that next level and creative a "sports package" for your save-the-dates, invitations and RSVP cards...

Groom's cake...always a cool addition. You can turn the groom's cake into a dedication to the sport team - or teams of choice.

Cake Toppers...On Fun Wedding Things web site...you can get some really cool looking cake toppers. Perfect for a couple who loves two rival teams..or share a mutual love of one sports team.

And lastly, Bridal Garter's...perfect for the toss garter...and the one to save for later. Garters by Kristi on Etsy has a great selection on ones to choose from.

Feb 7, 2011

35a. Win a $100,000 Dream Wedding!!

Saw this on NJ 101.5's web site and obviously I had to pass it on.

How to Enter: Be one of the first (10,000) eligible contestants to participate in the contest by visiting a participating radio station (NJ 101.15)or sponsor website during the “Registration Period” and click the “$100,000 Dream Wedding” contest entry button to connect to the contest registration page. Each entrant must fully complete the registration page with all required information including his/her name, complete address (including city, state and zip), valid email address, birth date, and phone number(s) (including area code(s)) – then create and submit their guess of the winning list of 10 Wedding Items, by placing each of the provided (10) Items in any order of their choice ranked from 1 to 10 on the official online entry form, then click submit. Each item should be used a maximum of one time in creating the list in order from 1 to 10 on the entry form.

Click here to register for the contest and complete rules!


35. Valentine's Day: Proposals, Weddings & Everything in Between

Sorry I've been MIA as of late. It was a crazy week.

But I'm back...lots to talk about.

First on the agenda...my Wish Upon a Wedding Philly Chapter Launch Party post will be up later today...I know it's a week past due it BUT it was a great time and I was way to busy last week to dedicate the time I needed to do a proper post.

Secondly...my fabulous business cards are in :) They are AWESOME looking and I got them from Vista Print. If you would like one please send me an email at Sara@DailyDoseOfWedding.com with your postal mailing address (yes I like to clarify that I mean postal).

Okay big topic to cover...Valentine's Day is two weeks away -- correction: ONE WEEK away. Are you planning something big? Like proposing? First can I say this...if you plan to propose on Valentine's Day it better be creative because you are proposing on the "most romantic day of the year" and you are going to take the spontaneity out of it...the actual proposal better be damn good.

Maybe I'm being to harsh, but truthfully? I loved the randomness of Jason's proposal...I was in sweatpants surrounded by boxes in our new apartment. I was so shocked that to this day, I still don't remember what he said (I made him write it down for me).

But you know what? Let's not just concentrate on proposals...let's just concentrate on the day itself.

Personally, I think it's lame...I love my husband year-round...I think on a scale of important days in our lives Valentine's Day falls somewhere after St. Patty's Day (best drinking day of the year) and before Columbus Day (hello, he discovered the new world). But what I do love about it? It's another excuse to do something nice for each other. This year will be our third year that we spend at The Melting Pot...and it's the most amazing dinner I've had...ever.

So here are some tips for celebrating the day, proposing to the one you love...and actually getting married.

Celebrating the day:
  • Your typical: cards, flowers & candy
    • So they're overdone and expected...but it still is exciting. 
  • Dinner
    • Switch it up. Don't go to the same restaurant you do all the time...this could be the night to take them out to a new restaurant. 
  • Philanthropy 
    • Feeling especially generous? Visit a local hospital to pass out surprise Valentines to the residents/ It may be the pick up they need!
  • Scavenger Hunt
    • This could be fun a way for just your significant other - or if you have kids...to include them as well. Write up little notes and place them in your house (or across your city) and they can be rhymes about how you feel about them or experiences. At the end you can have a special treat waiting! 
  • Single?
    • Hell yeah. First...don't get all depressed...celebrate yourself! Take your lunch break and go get a new outfit and then call your other single friends and head out to the bar. Wearing black is a plus...hey I said I think this day is lame.

     Let me just say...I think it's lame as hell to propose on Valentine's Day...it comes only second on the lame scale to proposing at a sporting event. So if you're going to do it...it better be awesome, because men...SHE IS EXPECTING IT.

But...if you choose to do it, I gotta say...it has to be CREATIVE. Not just dinner and proposal...it has to be memorable. So she doesn't think...hmmm he doesn't care enough about me to put a little thought into it?

While no proposal should be the same, guys I must encourage you to rack your brain to do something fun. It doesn't have to be some crazy extravagant ordeal...but if you show her you put some effort into it - it'll be a big hit.

     A lot of people get married on this day. I'm not going to say bad things about it. I will say this: if you are having a wedding I am attending and giving up my holiday (as with any holiday) I sure hope its awesome.

Obviously you have to go with some type of red or pink as your colors...and there are so many things you can do with the theme and decor that I could write pages about it. You can definitely have your choice about what you want to do. Here's a tip: go shopping for different decorations the day after Valentine's Day the year before your wedding. Most things are like 70% off...you'll save a ton of money

But in short. Keep it classy...don't use cardboard cupids and make sure it's a helluva party.

Do you live in New York? Or want to get married there? The Empire State Building only hosts weddings once a year along with The Knot...Valentine's Day and only a few lucky couples get to enjoy it. 14 couples win in total - but one gets the grand prize. Pretty cool I'd say.

In conclusion...plan ahead. Your other half will know if you totally forgot and threw something together last minute. Make sure it's personal. For me, I'm easy...I like dinner and a card (but I got diamond earrings this year!) so everything else is a plus.

Lame holiday or not...it's another reason to show the one you love, why you love them.

Need any further V-Day advice? Shoot me an email. I'll do my best to help!