Feb 7, 2011

35. Valentine's Day: Proposals, Weddings & Everything in Between

Sorry I've been MIA as of late. It was a crazy week.

But I'm back...lots to talk about.

First on the agenda...my Wish Upon a Wedding Philly Chapter Launch Party post will be up later today...I know it's a week past due it BUT it was a great time and I was way to busy last week to dedicate the time I needed to do a proper post.

Secondly...my fabulous business cards are in :) They are AWESOME looking and I got them from Vista Print. If you would like one please send me an email at Sara@DailyDoseOfWedding.com with your postal mailing address (yes I like to clarify that I mean postal).

Okay big topic to cover...Valentine's Day is two weeks away -- correction: ONE WEEK away. Are you planning something big? Like proposing? First can I say this...if you plan to propose on Valentine's Day it better be creative because you are proposing on the "most romantic day of the year" and you are going to take the spontaneity out of it...the actual proposal better be damn good.

Maybe I'm being to harsh, but truthfully? I loved the randomness of Jason's proposal...I was in sweatpants surrounded by boxes in our new apartment. I was so shocked that to this day, I still don't remember what he said (I made him write it down for me).

But you know what? Let's not just concentrate on proposals...let's just concentrate on the day itself.

Personally, I think it's lame...I love my husband year-round...I think on a scale of important days in our lives Valentine's Day falls somewhere after St. Patty's Day (best drinking day of the year) and before Columbus Day (hello, he discovered the new world). But what I do love about it? It's another excuse to do something nice for each other. This year will be our third year that we spend at The Melting Pot...and it's the most amazing dinner I've had...ever.

So here are some tips for celebrating the day, proposing to the one you love...and actually getting married.

Celebrating the day:
  • Your typical: cards, flowers & candy
    • So they're overdone and expected...but it still is exciting. 
  • Dinner
    • Switch it up. Don't go to the same restaurant you do all the time...this could be the night to take them out to a new restaurant. 
  • Philanthropy 
    • Feeling especially generous? Visit a local hospital to pass out surprise Valentines to the residents/ It may be the pick up they need!
  • Scavenger Hunt
    • This could be fun a way for just your significant other - or if you have kids...to include them as well. Write up little notes and place them in your house (or across your city) and they can be rhymes about how you feel about them or experiences. At the end you can have a special treat waiting! 
  • Single?
    • Hell yeah. First...don't get all depressed...celebrate yourself! Take your lunch break and go get a new outfit and then call your other single friends and head out to the bar. Wearing black is a plus...hey I said I think this day is lame.

     Let me just say...I think it's lame as hell to propose on Valentine's Day...it comes only second on the lame scale to proposing at a sporting event. So if you're going to do it...it better be awesome, because men...SHE IS EXPECTING IT.

But...if you choose to do it, I gotta say...it has to be CREATIVE. Not just dinner and proposal...it has to be memorable. So she doesn't think...hmmm he doesn't care enough about me to put a little thought into it?

While no proposal should be the same, guys I must encourage you to rack your brain to do something fun. It doesn't have to be some crazy extravagant ordeal...but if you show her you put some effort into it - it'll be a big hit.

     A lot of people get married on this day. I'm not going to say bad things about it. I will say this: if you are having a wedding I am attending and giving up my holiday (as with any holiday) I sure hope its awesome.

Obviously you have to go with some type of red or pink as your colors...and there are so many things you can do with the theme and decor that I could write pages about it. You can definitely have your choice about what you want to do. Here's a tip: go shopping for different decorations the day after Valentine's Day the year before your wedding. Most things are like 70% off...you'll save a ton of money

But in short. Keep it classy...don't use cardboard cupids and make sure it's a helluva party.

Do you live in New York? Or want to get married there? The Empire State Building only hosts weddings once a year along with The Knot...Valentine's Day and only a few lucky couples get to enjoy it. 14 couples win in total - but one gets the grand prize. Pretty cool I'd say.

In conclusion...plan ahead. Your other half will know if you totally forgot and threw something together last minute. Make sure it's personal. For me, I'm easy...I like dinner and a card (but I got diamond earrings this year!) so everything else is a plus.

Lame holiday or not...it's another reason to show the one you love, why you love them.

Need any further V-Day advice? Shoot me an email. I'll do my best to help!

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