Feb 17, 2011

40a. Philadelphia Flower Show

The annual Philadelphia Flower Show is the largest flower show in the world. The theme for this year's show is Springtime in Paris.

The Philadelphia Flower Show is deeply rooted in the history of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS), which was founded in 1827. Charter members brought interesting plants to display at meetings and, eventually, to share with the public. In the 1960s, PHS took over management of the Philadelphia Flower Show, also encouraging participation by amateurs — individuals and garden clubs.
With the help of hundreds of volunteers the show raises significant funds to support PHS’s community greening programs and other civic initiatives in Philadelphia. - Visit Philly

The show runs this year from March 6th-13th and the cost varies so please be sure to head to the web site to see what it costs for you or your group.

Whether you need some direction for your wedding flowers or want a great afternoon with your mother, future mother-in-law and bridesmaids - this is a wonderful event to definitely attend because everyone could use a little color in their life!

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