Feb 22, 2011

41a. "The Worst Thing I Never Said" preview

There will come a point in your planning...a point where you stop and think..."when did this start to become less about our wedding and more about what people think we owe them?"

The world is blurred by shows like Bridezillas and the idea that the bride is the only person who ruins a wedding being planned but the REAL truth is...sometimes there are those - outside the bride and groom - who make planning a wedding challenging on levels to difficult to describe. 

I hate to admit it out loud...but I had a few people that made my wedding planning - or the plans that I was making very difficult to deal with. Almost a year later, the fact that I never truly let my feelings out still bothers me. It's hard to be quiet when you pride yourself on being a very honest person.

In an effort to at least place my feelings somewhere...I put together a really personal piece for an upcoming edition of "Before I Do" on Haley Madison Magazine.

It'll be out in a few weeks - I hope it helps you as much as it helps me.

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