Feb 24, 2011

43. Growth

I started this blog a few months ago hoping to have an outlet for all my thoughts and opinions on weddings and anything that comes with it. Now - that I am knee deep in this project, I feel like I found my voice. I am an honest person and the idea of not being honest? Definitely not okay with that. And this blog really lets my voice echo. It's true what they say "Your blog is an unedited version of yourself. Just keep talking and eventually your brain will come up with something."

Four months ago I was just a writer who loved planning weddings with no daily place to put my thoughts. Haley Madison Magazine was a great starting place for all of this...I love my monthly column and those articles are so in-depth and researched, it's a great post every time. Now, I have a strong group of people who contribute their opinions, a nice following, a Facebook page and a Twitter account...just for this site. I'm really lucky to have a wonderful group of readers and supporters.

I'm pleased to announce a few more steps of growth. We have three new people on board.
Rebecca - will come on board as my PR person as well as a contributer
And two writers (thanks Temple journalism list serv) - Ryan & Alison
Look for their intro pieces in the coming days!

Definitely looking forward to what's to come for 2011.

PS - looking to join the Daily Dose of Wedding team? Send me an email with what you would like to do: Sara@dailydoseofwedding.com

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