Mar 30, 2011

51a. Awkward Family Photos: Wedding Version

We all know the web site about Awkward Family Photos, it's classically hilarious so when I saw that HuffPost did an article on the best Awkward wedding photos...I couldn't resist the urge to share!!

Take a look at the compilation that was put together and laugh it up...then pray you don't end up with any awkward photos yourself.

*all photos via Awkward Family Photos

PS they are having an Awkward Wedding Photo contest but it ends TOMORROW so if you have a photo to it quick! And if not there are 13 beautiful pages to flip through of photos, like this gem...
“At our wedding my dad gave a humorous and touching speech. It was towards the end that he said he wanted to present us with an extra gift at which point two of my cousins walked out with two long boxes…and surprise surprise he gave me and my new husband Shotguns. So there I stood in my wedding gown surrounded by 240 family and friends holding a shotgun at my wedding…”
I was a cheerleader for 12 years but this photo is hysterical!


  1. These "awkward family photos" are pretty funny, and it's great to see your post on their "wedding edition" - LOL!

    -Erik Kent,

  2., those are funny!!! I hope mine don't turn out to be anything like those!!

  3. The web site is hilarious! And even if couples end up with odd photos it makes for a great story :)

  4. Thanks so much for this laugh today!!

  5. The couple in the cheerleading uniforms made me laugh the hardest.