Apr 1, 2011

52. On the Scene - at the Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City!

DDOW is so excited for this weekend! Hopefully the snow will clear up in NJ - but if not, I hope there's enough bubbly to make me forget it's snowing. Yes, I said snow in NJ...in April.

This Saturday night I am heading down to Atlantic City, NJ to go to a bachelorette party in honor of my good friend Rebecca and we are going to the Tropicana!  Woohoo

So what is on our agenda? Besides strippers and tequila shots? Let's review :)

We're going to Carmine's inside the Trop at 7:30pm for some good old fashion Italian eating. This place is expensive but I've heard wonderful things about it. Jason had his bachelor party dinner there and my dad went - who is the hardest critic in the world on food - and loved it. So I'm sold.

Next on the itinerary? Providence guest list...even though the cover is $15/person I'm excited to go there.

Regardless of what we do, I'm super excited to get out and celebrate Becca getting married...especially since 1 year ago tomorrow was *my* bachelorette party/Good Friday/one of my bridesmaid's 21st birthday...yeah it was a crazy ass night.

yeah, this is the only photo you'll ever see :)

Here's to Becca...may you have an AWESOME time at your tea & crumpet bachelorette party!

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