Apr 28, 2011

63. Ten Things Kate Middleton Can't Do

It's been widely reported on a number of that Kate Middleton can no longer do once she says "I Do" to Prince William TOMORROW (ps. YAY). We all compromise and adjust to certain things when entering a marriage...but having something pre-laid out for you? How interesting...

Let's Review

  1. No longer can be referred to as "Kate"
    • Ah and we all love it so much...after her I Do's are in place it's bye-bye to "Kate" and hello to "Catherine" or "Ma'am" -- her official title will be "Her Royal Highness the Princess William of Wales." Clarence House will probably do their best to kiss-up to the London Royal correspondents and then ask them to refer to "Kate" as "Catherine." More than likely this won't work - considering all the search engine keywords that have picked up "Kate" over the last few years.
  2.  Vote
    •  In the technical sense, the Queen and the Royal Family are allowed to vote; however, they choose not to because in voting it would breach their stance of neutrality. They try to identify themselves with all groups - major and minority.
  3. Run for Political Office
    • For the same reasons as above - this is also not done
  4. Escape the Scrutiny from the Public
    • To be fair - they have been together for almost a decade at this point...and over the last few months this is the most we have heard about her. Going forward, the Royal News will probably cover her every move like Diana...hopefully Kate and William will not meet the same fate as they did.
  5.  Play Monopoly...?
    • Yeah, not really sure what to say about this one about BUT as of 2008 Prince Andrew, the Duke of York that the Royal Family does not play "because it gets to vicious." 
  6. Say or Do Anything  Controversial 
    •   This basically encompasses anything that would really...make Kate do something that would make her seem like she has a personality - sex position, social and political views...speak in general.
  7.  Eat Shellfish
    • According to what's been leaked - the Royal Family never serves shellfish because of food poisoning...I'm really not sure what to say about this one.
  8.  Work
    • As proven in the past - careers aren't really "for" the Royal Family. With Kate, I'm not sure she'll miss it considering she hasn't really done much with her Art History degree.
  9. Sign Anything Official
    •   If you think about it - celebrities sign things (or the nice ones do) all the time, so this perplexed me at first...however, in Kate and William's case...it makes sense. William is the 2nd in line to the thrown and Kate - will one day be his Queen. If they were to sign something they run the risk of it being copied and forged.
  10. Finish Her Dinner
    • Okay so this one made me like "whaaaaaat." In Britain, when the Queen stops eating, you stop eating as well. I would suggest eating fast or learning the Queen's pace. Jeez, that's crazy! 
 - Shine, from Yahoo!

Readers - what is something that you or your spouse has to give up or compromise on when you get married?



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