May 10, 2011

66. From Newlywed to New Home Owners

It's been such an exciting year - we had our first year anniversary, and now...our first HOME.

Don't worry readers, I'm still 100% full force into this blog...I may just derail from time-to-time about random house decor. But, I think you'll appreciate it.

So I ask for one second, let's divert teeny little post and I will share with how my future office will look! It will host my sanity, and ALL things wedding! YAY

Colors: Yellow & Blue hues -- mostly likely, canary yellow and turquoise

And lastly? Chalkboard paint on the walls!

And my fabulous little sign on the door :)

Hey readers - need your help! Please leave any awesome store names and locations in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania or New York areas that I can check out for great an inexpensive decor and furniture!

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