Aug 8, 2011

69. Show Me Crazy...Registry Gifts

Naturally when any normal bride correct that...person saw that Kim Kardashian's registry was worth $172,000 --- they had to go look.

You can to -- they're registry is public at Gearys Beverly Hills -- and you can read it here.

Example A.
Price Tag? $6,500.00 

So it made me think...every day couples must go crazy and register for absurd things when they I put it to Facebook to see what masses had to say.

What's the craziest thing you ever saw on a registry?

So how are you the bride/groom and you the guest supposed to tell the difference between an absurdly priced gift versus a gift that's just out the ordinary versus the regular registry gift? I think the truth relies in knowing the couple.

First thing to know about registry's -- if you are a bride or groom...register at Bed, Bath and Beyond...if you are guest, check their web site - I'd bet anything a couple is registered there.
The 20% off coupons NEVER expire...yes that's right I said never and the ease of their online web site makes it easy to maintain for the coupon.

Okay back to topic - ridiculous registry items. First and foremost there is a big difference from an all high-end registry from a registry that is for the most price in the moderate price range with a few choice items that are expensive.

Not wanting to drone on in my 2nd post back from my break...I combed the web sites and found some of the craziest items I can only raise an eyebrow at if they are on a registry.

*all web sites for each registry list at the bottom

Price: $284.99 per setting

Price: $199.99

Price: $359.99 year warranty

Price: Reg. $2,299.99 Sale $1,499.99

Price: $350

Price: Reg. $675.00 Sale $599.99

Price: $295

Price: $325

And now....that you've seen the crazy things your best friends COULD be putting on your registry it's time to breath.

Here are the best places to register and check for registries...

So what's the craziest thing you've seen on a registry?


  1. I don't have a crazy wedding registry story but I did want to mention that if you want to find out where someone is registered you can go to They have a great search engine that includes most registries. You just enter the bride or grooms name and it tells you everywhere they registered and sometimes if they have a wedding website.

  2. Great call Melissa! You're exactly right!