Aug 10, 2011

70. Red Velvet Cake Balls

I think when you find a recipe such as's only natural to share.

Earlier this year my coworker Jess made this amazing dessert - Red Velvet Cake Balls courtesy of Bakerella

It was life was ohmygodineedtositdowntoeatthesegood.

I must know what these are made of...and it was simple: red velvet cake, cream cheese icing and melted chocolate. Good lord.

So this was months ago and I still had not made them.

With our housewarming party this Saturday I was determined to make a fabulous dessert...and BOOM, cake balls popped into my head.

PS I must first warn you that this is a multi-hour event so make sure you do it on a weekend!

So here is what you need:
- 1 box of red velvet cake mix
- 1 can of cream cheese icing
- 2 or 3 bars of chocolate (your preference) to melt; however, Godiva chocolate tastes supreme
- Wax paper to place the cake balls on at the end 

First, make the red velvet cake according to the box directions. Pretty straight forward. Leave the chocolate bars out -- they will be room temperature when you need to melt them.

Next, let the cake cool completely (to speed up the process, I placed the cake on the tray inside my cuts the cooling time almost in half)

After the cake has cooled completely you have to break it up into little pieces so that's it crumbles in your hand.

I crumbled all the cake into a large bowl -- and then took a spoon and heaped most of the cream cheese icing into the bowl.

This is where your hands are going to get dirty. Take off all jewelery and be sure to be wearing a shirt you don't like that much. My coworker suggested wearing gloves -- but I personally had no issue with this part.

Stick your hands into the bowl (having cleaned them, duh) and mix the icing and crumbled cake up together. It will feel weird and icky...but whatever it was fun.

Once the mixture is good....start to ball up the mixture and place on the wax paper covered tray.

After this is done, place the trays with the cake balls into the fridge (or freezer) for approximately 2-3 hours. You will know the balls are ready when they are much firmer -- almost like how they originally felt when you first crumbled them up!

Bring the trays out and then get the chocolate ready to melt so that you can dip the cake balls into the melted chocolate.

Melt chocolate according to the package in the microwave. Use a spoon to help this process along - it will help greatly. I only melted a few pieces at a time so it doesn't cool off and get hard again.

Lastly, stick the cake balls back into the fridge until the chocolate has harden.

Be satisfied with yourself and eat them :)

This can be a great weekend snack, a dessert to bring to a barbecue or -- a shower favor to give to the guests for their time and coming :) 

Do you have a great recipe or food idea you used as a favor for a shower ...or wedding? Leave the recipe or link below!

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  1. These are absolutely delicious and addicting. One of my best friends made them for my surprise bridal shower. So yummy!