Aug 22, 2011

77. Shoes from London

I saw a post a few months ago. February to be exact. It was the most amazing group of photos ever. Well...of shoes anyway :)

They were featured by Morissey Photos and they were fabulous. So I reached out to them and they got us the brides story about how she found them...and then you get to see the photos of how they came out.

My shoes were from London. They are from Dune- they are a big retailer in London. The shoes actually have a fun little story to them.... it's quite a complicated story.

I worked in Accessories Product Development at the time, I knew all about the shoes. My plan was to have my boss buy them for me when she went to London for work for a European shopping trip.

I went online to visit them and noticed they were on sale. So I had to buy them. I ended up buying the last pair in what I thought was my size on their website. The shoes took forever to get to me. They got tied up in customs. I was so happy to finally get them, but quickly found out, they were too tight and there was no way I could wear them on the wedding day. By that time, they sold out of them on the Dune website. I searched the Internet to find these shoes… after about 2 days, I found them on sale on another British website. The only problem? They would only ship them to the UK. I didn't know anyone in the UK, so basically I asked around if anyone I knew, knew anyone in the UK. My friend Laura at work was going to be set up with a guy who had family in the UK. She hadn't met him yet, but I asked her to put in the favor for me. She did, and we got a shipping address.

At the same time, there was a postal strike in the UK. So the shoes took forever to get to the US. They went through a friend of a friends first- who freaked out because she thought they were the wrong shoes because they were pink. In the end, I ended up loving the shoes, and built the whole wedding around them. I bought the shoes before the dress!

Since I worked for David's Bridal Corporate office in Accessories Product Development, I was able to have my factory make a currently running style "Moonlight" in a custom color for my wedding. The shoes are only available for purchase in black.

And without further wait...take a look at the fabulous shoes that made such a long journey...



  1. LOVE this!! I just reposted on my blog :)

  2. To clarify: Bridesmaids shoes are from David's Bridal & were specially made and the bride's shoes are from Dune's in London!