Aug 24, 2011

79. Silence. The planner is in.

I guess it's fate that I start to write this post as I watch Bride Wars on my DVR...but hey, it's a fabulous movie and I have fabulous dreams.

So...I am excited to say that my office is finally all coming together. Canary yellow walls. Dark wood bookshelf and desk. Black frames... turquoise decor. Oh and did I mention my red filing cabinet? Love it.

I wanted to share with you some photos of my little wedding planning studio coming together and hopefully the start of my wedding planning business! Nothing to crazy yet...but hey, dreams are what you make of them.

Welcome to my little room...

My little collection of books...minus a few out for lend

My little window to the wall
PS do you love my decorations? TY Jess & Erin

A wedding gift from two amazing friends 

My desk!


I think the folder speaks for itself...

Thank you Craigs List!!! It was only $40!

No...I did not spend thousands of dollars at Staples...
maybe like $100 on multi-colored folders

Actually it sort of reminds me of my super colorful office folders...which is actually where I got the multi-colored hanging folders idea.
But hey. Inspiration is inspiration.

Anyways...what do you think? Are you excited to hear all about the wedding planning endeavor? to. So wish me luck! Could use all the support I can!

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