Oct 10, 2011

86. Dear Mr. President

You always read about fun little things that you can add to your wedding - or something that you can do to make things more memorable.

Little known wedding fact: if you send an invitation to the President and his wife...they send you back a card with the White House seal wishing you congratulations on your wedding!

It makes for a very cool keepsake for post-wedding decor and can also add to the flair of your reception decor.

Only one piece of advice? Send it at least 3 months in advanced because I sent mine around the same time as the rest of my invitations and I got it after our wedding had passed!

Send the invitation to:

The President & Mrs. Obama
The White House
Greetings Office, Room 39
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20502

Here is the letter we received, thought I would share.


  1. I just sent mine to the President as well as to Mickie and Minnie. Can't wait to get their congratulatory letter :)

  2. What great ideas. Thank you for posting.