Jan 23, 2012

Gift Registry 360

A cool new development in ease of Gift Registry's -- GiftRegistry360 by the all-powerful TheKnot. So what is GiftRegistry360 ? To take from their web site...
Gift Registry 360 is the future of registry gifting because it takes the product information out of the retailers’ websites and puts it into the hands of the couple. Gift Registry 360 is the ultimate registry service by allowing couples to create their registry any way they’d like. Whether they launched their registry in-store or need to start online, they can add products via the Gift Registry 360 catalog featuring over 200,000 products from the top retailers or via our Gift Registry 360 bookmarklet tool.

They have partnered Macy's, Crate & Barrel, Target, Williams-Sonoma and the Home Depot all to make this possible and more convenient for the 21st century couple.

The platform launched with the following key features:

  • ADD ITEMS TO YOUR REGISTRY BY CATEGORY: Browse the widest selection of products by category across multiple retailers.
  • ADD ITEMS TO YOUR REGISTRY BY RETAILER: Search through a particular retailer's entire product catalog.
  • ADD FROM ANYWHERE: A bookmarking tool allows users to register for items from any website.
  • ONE LIST: Any item added appears on a single registry list.
  • REFERRED TRANSACTIONS: All transactions occur on the retailer's site, and the company collects a commission on the sale.
  • LINK & SYNC REGISTRIES: Already have gift registries at a partner retailer? Users can Link & Sync their existing gift registries to merge them into a single registry list that is easy to manage and easy for guests to shop from. Updates or purchases made through Gift Registry360.com will be reflected in-store and vice versa.
  • STYLEBOARDS: There’s a new way to shop. The Gift Registry 360 Styleboard is a tool that allows users to design a room by taking products from our catalog or their own registry list and placing them on a virtual canvas to see how different products fit together.
  • ONLINE AND PRINTABLE ANNOUNCEMENT CARDS: Users can share their gift registries list with their guests through online and printable announcement cards.

Of course my personal favorite feature is the iPhone Scan & Add app. It's free via the iTunes store and is available right now.

  • Update and view your registry list anytime, anywhere
  • Add any item using our barcode scanner app
  • All items are added onto ONE easy to manage and share list
  • Product updates are automatically synced to your GiftRegistry360.com
  • Purchases are automatically updated on GiftRegistry360.com and retailer registry

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  1. i`m frustrated after using so many registries but i create new bridal gift registry on gift registry 360 and much relief now!