Jan 24, 2012

Things You Can Learn from the Kardashian Marriage

I hate to admit I've watched the entire season of Kourtney & Kim Take New York even thought I swore it off for 2012, but as a married lady...I think there are a few things I've learned from their mistakes. And while we can all admit that sure, that show is probably pieced together but the truth is - their marriage failed so what can hurt from observing the downfall?

  • Communication - need I really explain this? Communication is key in a relationship - and when it fails, the relationship will surely fail. Knowing and understanding your partner is always the best way to ensure that a relationship (even friendships) thrives healthy for a long time. 
  • Understanding - a beginning of a relationship always tends to be easy...it's once you're together for a long period you have to learn to understand each other and understand that working together makes a life together easier.
  • Respect - is truly the root of all strong relationships. I'm not saying that you need to agree on everything and there will be times that you will lash out like a teenager but you always have to remember that you love and married this person and you will have to remember to respect them. In public and in private...they are your person.
  • Pay Attention -  Listen to your spouse when he or she talks to you. It’s a sign of respect. Try to give him or her your undivided attention. Also, nod in agreement occasionally—it tells your partner you’re listening. If your spouse talks to you when you’re in the middle of something important, say so, and suggest a time when you’ll be able to pay full attention.
  • Privacy - Don’t go through your partner’s things out of curiosity or in an effort to make them look neater. Privacy is a fundamental need all humans have, so be sure to respect it. Similarly, make it a habit not to repeat your spouse’s words to others. You never know what your mate wants kept secret.

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