Feb 8, 2012

Bridal Abbreviations

You will most definitely see me using this throughout the site - so in order to avoid a "W.T.F." moment...I figured it would be best to have something to reference.

BM: Bridesmaid
BM: Best Man
BP: Bridal Party
DW: Destination Wedding
FG: Flower Girl
FI: Fiance
FOB: Father of the Bride
FOG: Father of the Groom
MOB: Mother of the Bride
MOH: Maid (or Matron) of Honor
MOG: Mother of the Groom
OOT: Out of Town
RB: Ring Bearer
RD: Rehearsal Dinner
STD: Save the Date Notices
TTK: Tie the Knot
TY: Thank You
WP: Wedding Party
DH: Darling Husband
DF: Dear Fiance
FIL: Father-in-Law
HM: Honeymoon
MIL: Mother-in-Law
TIA: Thanks in Advance
LTBM: Living Together Before Marriage

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