Feb 28, 2012

Good Problems.

Our wedding photography package included a professional album in which we got to choose sixty photos. Initially we thought this would be great - but when we got our wedding photos...our amazing photographers had taken close to 1300.

Our "problem" - is that we love all of them...ALL of them. As my husband puts it...it's a "good problem" because after all, we could have really crappy photos but naturally our amazing photographers at Lewis Rinaman Photography are always amazing.

Oh did I mention we got the photographs in May of 2010? Yeah...it's been a while.

So how did we choose? Why did we take so long? And did we stress out choosing the photos? All that to be answered.

So this process took a while because ultimately...we got to fed up with trying to limit of photograph choices. And like I said...it's a good problem - but a problem none the less.

Here are some tips for how to make your final choices:
  • Each person goes through and make their own list We had 100+ each
  • Go through and match up the numbers of the same photos you use Our lists matched 19
  • Go back through the lists and see what photos you like the best from "each part" of your wedding and make a separate list From this we had 120 photos
  • Once the photos are organized, go back through again and try to weed out any photos you think you could order for another time. 
  • Our professional album limit was 60 so I thought the logical thing was to have 15 photos per section of our wedding...wrong! Reception can and will take up more space.
  • Do another pass at the elimination and then if you are STILL not at your limit, go through the photos with your partner.
  • Ultimately - make the professional album about YOU and YOUR PARTNER. There are plenty other options that can highlight Uncle Dan's dancing. 

This was a really stressful process but with the tips I provided I found the process a lot easier; but, what also made it easier to choose a small amount of  photos is to find ways to display the photos in other mediums. Your wedding photos don't have to end with the professional album - the possibilities all depend on your level of creativity, but I believe in you!
  • Create an online album via a Photo Printing web site.
    • We ordered two huge albums from Shutterfly. I spent about a week working on the albums and created two - one for our pre-ceremony and ceremony and one for the reception.
    • I searched the web and managed to get discounts that saved us $117 !! 
    • It made it super easier to use all the photos I wanted and create an amazing replica our wedding day.
  •  Upload the photos to a web site.
    • It makes it easier to share all the photos and look at them whenever you want!
  •  Order prints to hang and display throughout your home.
  • Create a handmade scrapbook
    •  Feeling up for a Michaels trip? Head to their scrapbooking section and make a wedding scrapbook you can feel proud of! They even offer a rewards program now so you can pile up the rewards while creating something you can enjoy for years to come.

So readers - how did you decide on your photos? Did you get more photos than me? Jealous! I'd love to hear more ideas of what YOU did with your wedding photos!

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