Feb 14, 2012

New Faces!

Daily Dose of Wedding wishes to welcome FIVE new guest bloggers to the site! I am expanding and I always love to hear other voices. If you ever wish to put up a guest post please feel free to email me at: Sara@DailyDoseOfWedding.com

Meet Lydia...

Hi, I'm Lydia. I'm from Tampa, FL, but currently reside in Philadelphia, where I attend Temple University. I love writing and can about almost everything. I love weddings not only because it's such a beautiful thing to experience, I love them because of the meaning behind every wedding. I guess that's really why I wanted to write for DDOW. DDOW is a perfect blog in which I think I can bring my personal experiences related to weddings, as well as my perspective on wedding related topics.


 Meet Alexis...

Hi everyone my name is Alexis and I will be writing pieces for this great website along with Sara. I am a 21 year old Temple college student and currently working on a Broadcasting/ Journalism major. I love weddings because they are a major point in a couple’s relationship when they join together to not only commit to a life together but also a future. I wanted to write for DDOW because I know I can bring a young perspective to weddings. I also wanted to show that it does not matter what age you are women love to talk about weddings and want to know the inside scoop on planning. 


Meet Cary...
Hello to all dedicated, or even new, DDOW readers. My name is Cary Carr, and I’m happy to say I’m a new writer for the blog. It’s so exciting to be writing for a blog that celebrates one of the most special and memorable stepping stones in peoples’ lives. I myself have always been a sucker for love and what better way to honor romance than write about it by sharing peoples’ stories and offering new perspectives? I’m a firm believer that weddings don’t need to be all stress and no fun, and I’m here to show you how.

Hopefully, I can bring you valuable information on how to prepare for the big day. Whether it is health and fitness tips to make you feel confident, anecdotes to inspire you or new trends to make you stand out, I want to get you excited for your wedding (even if you’re not even engaged yet). I can’t wait to hear all of your opinions and collaborate with my other wedding lovers to make some major contributions to the world of weddings.


Oh and my favorite...Meet Jon. 
Weddings, as men the simple word alone creates a genetic reflex to turn the TV to max, grab a beer with some friends or sit in a zombified state. When it's our own we put our ego's aside and do only what's asked of us, we nod our heads, go through the motions and our extensive vocabularies are compressed into a single phrase "yes, dear". The thought alone of a man reading a wedding magazine or blog is grounds for the removal and destruction of your man-card. I'm here to tell every single man out there, we are missing out on some of the greatest material ever. Wonder why your fantasy QB just isn't throwing up the stats he was last year? Who did he recently propose to? What's the most creative badass I'll be the talk of the town way to propose to your fiancĂ©? Do I still have a shot with Katy Perry? How drunk is acceptable? Where can I score a wedding gift that will set me above everyone else? I'll let you know! I'll supply you with hysterical wedding do's and don't, crazy escapades, and the latest and greatest trends for men. Weddings their not just for women anymore!  

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