Mar 24, 2012

Be Unique!

Be Unique!
Picking the right cake flavor and arrangement is a huge part of every wedding. You know your guests will be talking about how many tiers it was, the taste of it, and of course the overall appearance. Why should you stop there? Most people forget about the wedding cake topper and tend to go with the tradition bride and groom, but when you spend so much time personalizing your wedding the topper should not be forgotten in this process. is a website that is filled with different and unique wedding toppers that will better personalize your cake.
These unusual wedding toppers will better enable your cake to stand out while adding a touch of you and your new spouse’s personalities. Some of the toppers include butterflies, military, Disney, doves, and sculpted cake toppers. They also come in a variety of materials including porcelain, glass, and gold which further separates them from other cake toppers.
The site also includes wedding accessories, themes, favors, shoes, veils, jewelry, decorations, party gifts, invitations, dresses, and apparel.


All images via Wedding Mountain (dot) com

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