Mar 28, 2012

Groupon Deal Alert!

Hey brides getting married in the next few years. Please direct your attention over the to the latest Groupon Alert: – Online Deal

$15 for Name-Changing Service ($29.95 Value)

Planning a marriage brings about many challenges, such as choosing whose name to list first on the balloons and identifying which bridesmaid has been licking the wedding cake. Overcome one of many nuptial anxieties with this Groupon.
 After brides-to-be answer a few questions, fills out all the forms needed to change names in a process lauded for its simplicity in myriad publications. Gift givers can exchange this Groupon for a gift card. has expedited the lengthy process of legally metamorphosing monikers for more than 90,000 newlyweds across all 50 states, winning the admiration of Reuters and the Baltimore Sun. Frustrated by the complex and confusing name-changing process, owner Danielle Tate spearheaded the simplifying service. The straightforward process steers clients through the completion and filing of necessary government, bank, insurance, and personal forms, and customer-service experts man the phones and online chat rooms to answer questions. Condensing the approximately 13-hour processes into as little as 30 minutes, the resource gives fledgling couples more time for honeymooning and knitting sweater vests for their future pet iguanas.


**Speaking from someone who has used this web site - it's excellent


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