Mar 5, 2012

the Fine China debate.

When the hubs and I were doing our registry we both made the decision: No fine china. I mean, we didn't see the point...nor did we want to be that couple that had $400 pots and pans on there as well as over $1000 worth of fine china.

So we picked "casual china" - it's really nice everyday plates - without the fine china cost. And so it's been almost two years since our wedding and I find myself wondering if I made the right decision or not.

Reasons why we didn't initially do it?
  • Again, we didn't want to be the couple that had to many expensive things on our registry
  • My sister had it - and I never saw her use it
  • I'm super clumsy 
  • The Queen doesn't visit as often as she should

But now that we have a house and a super fun china closet with all our pretty things in it...I'm like what's missing here? Did I miss the buy the china boat?

Now I see it as it as...
  • We could have used it our anniversary and special dinner-ware 
  • If I have to buy 10 sets of it myself - do I really want to spend $1,290? ($129x10)
  • What if it goes out-of-stock before I buy it all?

Whisper-thin and incredibly delicate, fine china dishes instantly transform a table into a beautiful and elegant landscape. We know this from holiday dinners at our grandparent's house when we gazed longingly from the kid's table! Do you have any fine china yourself?

As beautiful as it still is, we feel like chinaware doesn't hold quite the same special place it once did. "Picking out your china pattern" was once on every bride's to-do list, and yet almost none of our married friends ever mentioned it or added any china to their wedding registry. Our grandparent's house is still the only place when we ever routinely encounter it (and now we've been moved to the grown-up table!).

Is registering for fine bone China an outdated tradition? Should we hang onto it like the rest of charming antiquated manners in the hopes that someday we’ll be moved to use it – like pretty stationary? Is it outrageous to anyone else that a Lennox Creamer could possibly cost $129 by its itty bitty self? And is it outrageous to myself that part of me is still tempted to go for it?


  1. I registered for china- we did the bone everyday china- but it's still lennox. I wanted dishwasher and microwave safe :)

  2. I registered for fine china and am so glad I did. I can not wait for the day I take it out for friends and family for a nice dinner. In my family fine china was always used on holidays. I couldn't imagine not picking out my china pattern and registering for it. Luckily I got a full set of 12 so won't need to purchase any other pieces for it. I do however need to get myself some every day dinnerware...the corelle plates from college are getting old fast.