Jul 11, 2012

Style Guide for the Perfect Ring

Buying the engagement ring is the most important detail of any wedding. Without this
key element there is no wedding! For some men the only thing they are sure of is that
they want to take the next step in their relationship and purpose to their girlfriends. But
what ring should you purchase? In order to take some of the guess work out, and so you
do not have to ruin the surprise of the engagement, here are some tips on ring shopping
from a Littman Jewelers Sales Representative.

The most popular style this wedding season is the Halo style engagement ring. This
style has two different types of cuts: princess and round. The Halo is one large diamond
surrounded by a cluster of smaller diamonds. If you are not up to the price of this stylish
ring, there is an alternate with a similar look known as the Quad style. This ring has four
stones in the middle rather than the one big diamond, and is still surrounded by smaller
diamonds. This offers a big appearance but with a smaller price.

Band styles are just as important as the actual rock itself. Popular colors for engagement
rings are white gold, which as Jamie Curto a Littman’s Sales Representative put it, will
be stronger and cheaper than platinum.

Curto also noted that the typical man will spend 3 months pay on an engagement ring.

The best advice to give is to come into the jewelry store with an idea in mind. Know what
your price limit will be and the style of your soon to be bride. Knowing this will enable
an easy shopping experience.


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