Jul 5, 2012

Wedding Party iPhone App

Everyone takes tons of photos at your wedding - and the truth is, it's difficult as hell to collect them all and save them for you to look at.

And while there are a number of other options, this one seems like the best (well of course for those people with iPhones) by far.

Wedding Party is the app for the wedding! Couples can customize the app to make it their own and their guests can download the app to contribute their memories of the big day.

the Wedding Party iPhone App allows you to see your guests photos without really trying that hard.

For Guests:
*Use Wedding Party to contribute to the couple’s big day!
*Share the photos you take on your iPhone into a timeline where all of the pictures from all of the guests are collected
*Meet other guests, help create a guestbook and interact at the wedding in an engaging new way

For the Couple:
*Create a custom wedding experience for your guests with Wedding Party
*Wedding Party collects all of the photos taken on your guests’ iPhones to create a beautiful timeline of the event
*Collect candid shots that your photographer will miss and experience your wedding through the eyes of your guests!
*Guests who can’t make it can follow the progress in real time

Get started in Four Easy Steps 

(1) Set up iPhone app
     Enter your name, wedding details, and choose a wedding name

(2) Upload a Photo
     Choose and upload a cover photo for the iPhone app

(3) Invite Your Friends
     Email your family and friends and invite them to download the app and register with your wedding name

(4) Shoot & Share
     Enjoy all the photos that your family and friends take, and share them on your MyWedding Free Wedding Web site

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