Mar 7, 2013

How to explain?

For a while now, I have felt like I have wanted to create a blog to share what I cook and sales I find and various other things. I love my wedding blog, but now that I have a house, cook mostly every night, workout and clip the occasional coupon -- I need a better outlet for my creative juices!

In recent years, as I have evolved from learning to use the oven in college (yes, sophomore year), I have tried in vain to keep a running record of the meals I have cooked, recipes found and workout regimens that work. Even just a few days ago the hubs suggested that I start taking photos and documenting the recipes I do (he would be the fitness one of this relationship)

I have been mulling over a few different blog ideas but never really felt like they full encompassed what I was trying to do here.

Basically, I am having an electronic affair with Pinterest (R). It saves what I want to save, it makes me laugh when I need it (insert: grumpy cat), helps me find amazing recipes (insert: red velvet poke cake) and helps me find ways to jam out while working out (insert: top 100 best running songs).

But let's be honest there are other ways to store ideas (bookmarking, Evernote, etc...) but this blogger is going to "focus" on her use of Pinterest and ways to share. To be clear this is NOT a blog dedicated to the site - but it is a site driven and inspired by it.

Carry on people. Carry on!


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