Mar 8, 2013

Not Your Average Apps

With the use of smart phones there are many applications that can help making the planning
processing easier. By far, the best application so far is The Knot.

This app calls itself the “ultimate wedding planner” and once downloaded it asks for basic
information such as your address and the details surrounding your wedding. This enables the app
to give you tips on venues either in your area or ones in a destination you depict that you want to
have the wedding.

The app thinks of everything that goes into planning a winner including the mother of the bride
dress. There is a checklist section to help you organize things and even brings up topics you
might not have not even though about. One of these things would be figuring out if family
members will be contributing to the wedding and getting insurance on your engagement ring.
There are notifications in each section so an alarm can go off to let you know when events are
up. This is super helpful when you start to lose track of all the details.

It also gives examples of dresses, flowers, venues and offers many pictures to help set the scene
for your big day!

Another app worth looking at is TheKnotLB, which is a look book of wedding dresses. This
app starts off with asking for your body type, bra size, height, personality, wedding style, best
features and problem areas. Once your information is entered it opens a whole world of wedding
dresses to view.

Clicking on a dress opens it into a larger view where you can see the designer and style number.
On this screen you can click on a link that takes you to the website the dress is on, post the
picture on Facebook or Twitter, get information on the style and fabric and locate the exact store
that carries the dress within your current location. All of this hard work comes at the touch of a
few buttons.

This is definitely a whole new way to search for wedding dresses rather than flipping through
those bridal magazines. Since the app is looking for dresses with your body type in mind, it can
cut down some disappointment at the bridal shop when you find out that perfect dress you fell in
love with in a magazine just doesn’t work for your body.

These are two great applications that can be useful in planning and cut down on some of the
stress, which is always a plus!

~ Alexis




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