Mar 7, 2013

The Name Debate

With more and more woman making a name for themselves professionally, and just dropping the
normal traditions associated with getting married, taking on their fianc├ęs last name is not always
a given.

For those that watched the E! wedding special of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, saw that
there was a lot of talk about Kim taking Kris’ last name. Much of her reasoning went into her
name being a house hold brand, and did not want to confuse people with the change. Viewers
also were able to witness the emotions Kris felt as his new wife signed their marriage license
with her maiden name.

This has become a more common decision for many women today. Jaime Curto- McInerney, 32,
and her husband were faced with this dilemma.

“I actually didn’t want to take his name at all,” said Curto- McInerney. “He was upset, saying
he was a traditional guy. I then said I was going to hyphenate it. He still didn’t like it, but I was

Why the strong need to keep the maiden name?

“I guess I really don’t get why we are supposed to. I was a Curto for 29 years, why change it just
because I got married?” Explained Curto- McInerney.

Christa Barsness Smith, who recently got married, believes it depends on each individual

“Honestly I don’t find anything wrong with keeping your maiden name,” explained Barsness
Smith, “especially in a time where woman are in professional careers, which may have started
before they got married.”

It seems some men feel the same way.

“Depending on her last name and if she had made a name for herself with it, then no I wouldn’t
have a problem,” said Alex Depew, 22. “But if she had no merit using it, I would be a bit

~ Alexis

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