Jan 15, 2014

The mission of a "lifetime"?

There has been some serious neglect on my part as a blogger. I'm hoping I fix that soon enough. Anyways.

5 weeks from today is the due date for our first child - our beautiful little girl, "A" and we are so excited. There are a lot of things that can be nerve racking for a first time parent - one that weighs on my mind is "how can I set a GOOD example of health and fitness for my little girl, without well...sending her over the edge?" I had an amazing example of health and fitness growing up. Swear to God - the woman looks 15 years younger than she is. But what I loved was - she was who she was and never forced anything on you. She encouraged me to eat healthy and be fit and find it in my own way.

(seriously, love her)

As I've said before - I've struggled to find my place in the gym and figure out what works best for me...ironically when I was enjoying myself the most earlier last year I discovered I was pregs - I guess the jokes on me? Being unable to keep going to the gym has really been a bummer and I personally cannot wait until I can back into the gym and back on WW to shed the preg weight but what I am most excited is to not only do it for me -- but do it for her. If things go according to my plan - I am giving myself a full year to get back into the shape that I've always wanted.

see, crossfit couple 2015?! we can do it

What I really want to do - is take the time, and earn the shed weight and build muscle and do it the right way. Pre-baby I was eating incredibly healthy and going to the gym for two hour sessions -- well the two hours may not be possibly, but I will definitely aim to get in my kick classes and then weight train. But eating healthy will probably be my biggest hurtle (I mean come on - do you judge me for wanting to eat an entire pizza every night)? 

Anyways: my mission is to reach my goal within the one year of being able to go from post-baby to the shape that I truly want to be in. I know its a little lofty and maybe it's seen as vain but the truth is, I truly LOVED how I felt being at the gym and working towards a goal and SEEING results. Plus, it's fun to bench with your husband and talk about shaker bottles and protein

Goals for new blog: share workout & health routines (sorry, not calling it a "weight-loss journey" I'm having a kid...of course there's weight to lose), share new mom adventures, and share all the things I love about weddings and food.  
   ps there will be no "mom-shaming" or being preachy about different baby products the way some people get when you mention things like crib bumpers. This is just me and my experience and my opinion.

Missed doing this and looking forward to getting back into it. 

I am a woman
I love working out
I love benching with my hubs
I love having fitness goals like "having an ass like that"

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