Aug 6, 2014

Curbing Cravings

disclaimer: I am NOT a medical professional. Before making any drastic lifestyle and nutritional changes please consult your doctor

If you're well...human. It is quite natural to have food cravings. Oreos, cake, soda - you name it. You probably crave it and well, it's probably bad for you. But we all deal with it, some have more of an issue with it than others...but we will all have a time in our lives where we are sitting in the corner eating a sleeve of Oreos.


So what can you do? After I had our daughter, I found that pumping out 60 oz/a day leaves me starving and ravenous for food - mostly junk food. And I realized after I plateaued in loosing weight - I needed to start to watch what I am eating, fully aware that I still need to take in a decent amount of calories.

So how did I change? I realized that around lunch time, I was starving - and not just for lunch - for snacks and treats. I needed a way to satisfy both a new to eat lunch and a new for the sugar that my body was burning through.

Solution: protein shake...with a twist.

Sara's satisfying protein yumminess:
8 oz Light Vanilla Silk (soy-milk)
1 banana
2-3 strawberries (if in house)
1 tablespoon peanut butter
1 scoop GNC Chocolate Lean Protein
4ish ice cubes

It has both the chocolate factor and the filling of a lunch with fruit and a hint of peanut butter. Making for an all-around filling lunch

Still - we will all get cravings, moments where we fill our blood sugar drop. Here are some tips to fight the urge to eat a bag of Cheetos when that happens.

- via Food Network..

Grab Some Gum
Looking for something to mindlessly munch? Pass on the candy and opt for sugarless gum. It keeps your mouth occupied and helps fight cavities when you chew after meals.

Sweet and Chewy
Instead of sugary taffy and candy, opt for a small handful dried fruit. The natural sweetness will curb sugar cravings plus the hunger-fighting fiber will help keep you satisfied.

Chocolate for Chocolate
Jonesing for chocolate? Go on, grab some chocolate! Instead of denying yourself completely, indulge in a measured 1-ounce portion for only 150 calories. Choose chocolate with the highest percent cocoa content for the greatest health benefits.

Searching for Salty
Instead of deep fried potato chips and cheese doodles, grab a salty snack that will do your body good. Salted nuts give you some healthy fat and protein and have much less sodium than chips.

Skip A Slump
When the clock strikes 3 p.m., steer clear of the drive-thru and vending machine. Beat an afternoon snooze with a nutrient-fill snack like a yogurt, trail mix, or HE-approved snack bar.

Craving Crunch
Salty fried snacks will leave you hungry (and with greasy fingers), snag some dry whole grain cereal for a more healthful and figure-friendly munchie.

Creamy Dreamy
When only cool and creamy will do, go for the smooth and tangy goodness of nonfat Greek yogurt. Swirl in a drizzle of honey, jam or natural peanut butter for some flavor.

Late Night Power
The best way to avoid eating late at night is to get in enough healthy calories throughout the day. If you do find yourself in the kitchen after hours, opt for low-cal healthy treats like frozen bananas and grapes or air-popped popcorn. Get more ideas for smart late-night snacks.

Warm And Cozy
If you know you’ve eaten enough but the urge for more strikes, sip on a soothing cup of herbal tea. It’s a calorie-free way to keep your mouth and hands busy.

Sloppy Seconds
Most of us eat too quickly no matter what meal it is. Before you go back for more, wait a full 10-minutes to decide if you’re still really hungry.

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