Jun 7, 2016

Ultimate Reset : My Rogue Results

So as any friends or family or anyone following me over on my IG account know - for the last year I have been solely focusing on eating in the paleo lifestyle and frankly it's been amazing. However as with all eating plans - you hit a plateau and sometimes you need to shake things up. At the risk of sound lazy - for us, meal prep is key so I struggled to kinda way to shake things up without interfering with what frankly works so well.

I stumbled upon the Ultimate Reset from Beachbody via the IG account "GetFitWithAshley" and started to do some more research. First, the cost is approximately $200 (whoa right?) but stop.  It comes with 21 days worth of different supplements,  a book full of recipes and lastly, a day-by-day guide for the entire 21 days.

So what drew me in? If you click the hashtag #UltimateReset you will see a landslide of people, all who have lost at least 10-12lbs in 21 days.Which is pretty cool to see. While I have been doing really well with getting in shape and losing pounds over the last year, lately I have hit a plateau and haven't figured out a way to break through. I spoke to my friend Melissa who is an amazing BeachBody coach and then ultimately decided to get the program. Her online challenge groups were an awesome asset to help assist the program with the inspiration, motivation, and accountability she provides you with alongside of the specific program.

I must be honest in saying that your individual results may vary and you should consult a doctor before attempting any new workout/eating program.

  - Before the box showed up, I googled the shopping list and went out and bought EVERYTHING
  - Night before, I prepped all my breakfasts, lunches and supplements for 7 days
  - I set the recommended alarms on my phone for reminders of the new schedule
  - I ate a box of Oreos and a cheesesteak because why not



Week 1:
   - Down 4 lbs
   - Successfully cut out 10am snack for bottle of water
   - Putting "mineralize" aka himalayan pink salt was fine. Putting the 1/4 tbsp in my water for those three is what I am contributing to NOT cramping one time during the Tough Mudder I completed
   - Found that I quickly adapted to the regimen of timed drinking water and supplements at very specific times, something that I really liked and plan to continue moving forward

Week 2:
- Down 2 lbs
- Continue to be okay with  no snack
- Absolutely hated the detox packet 3x/day and was really unsure of it's purpose
- Competed in a Tough Mudder on the last day of Week 2 so diet was not followed aka I inhaled a roast beef sandwich with cheese! (sorry it was a 12 mile obstacle course in the mud and rain)

Week 3:
- Down 2 lbs
- Felt really unexplainably hungry throughout the day despite following normal regimen
- Completed the Murph challenge the day after completion

Post Ultimate Reset thoughts:
- It was surprisingly easy to substitute a bottle of water for a snack at 10am (my normal snack time) and this is something I have continued
- Sticking to a timed scheduled has made it easier to maintain and control cravings/hunger
- I really disliked the power greens and detox
- The supplements were very easy to take
- There was never a point where I felt sick or dizzy
- I did not follow the recipe/food day-by-day

Would I do this again? YES
Would I do this the "rogue" way again?: Can't say for sure. I am at a very good point in my health/fitness journey. Who knows what the future holds - hopefully good things :) 

How can I contact Melissa and purchase this? 
You can purchase the program here and she will be in touch about getting started and set up

Before you run out and buy this 
please read my disclaimers

  • I did not follow the day-to-day recipe list
    • Admittedly, I went out and bought the entire shopping list for Week 1 without really comprehending what can be prepped ahead of time and I will fail if I cannot prep
    • I did, however, pick a few of the meals and prepped multiples of those
  • I did not do two and a half weeks of vegetarian foods
    • For me, it was not sustainable. I have chicken most days twice a day. I felt like even though this is what the reset calls for I believed any weight I would have lost exhibiting this behavior would have been  false to my overall goals and therefore continued to eat meat. I will add that I did not have any red meat during this time
  • I treated this like a Whole30 with a schedule and supplements 
  • I did not eliminate caffeine
    • On a whole, I have a 12fl oz cup of black tea and that is it for the day. I went all of day 1 without coffee and felt very foggy and unfocused and ultimately decided to continue to incorporate singular cup of of tea
    • I didn't drink any coffee 
  • I continued to work out
    • Personally, I travel a lot for work (February-March I did 12 flights) and I often struggle to get to CrossFit when I am travelling so if I have the opportunity to go and workout, I am not going to pass up. It is simply not in me to not workout for three weeks

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