Jan 2, 2017

New Year New Gear

All I want for Christmas is...endless pairs of yoga pants with an iPhone pocket. Oh, and I want to wear them to work. Is that to much to ask? 

It's 2017 - and you're going to see A LOT of "New Year, New Me" posts - with resolutions that most people will drop, forget or abandon by the end of January. So instead of being obsessed with my goals for next year - especially since I missed two this year - I want to share some of the new gear I have to help kick start my 2017 into high gear.

1) Have a diet/meal prep/healthy eating plan in place. Step 1 is always have a plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So what's your poison? Personally, I think the best "jump all in" plan is to do the January Whole30. If you check their Instagram and web site they rally the troops to really ban together and do this as a group and get healthy together. I've had some great success with it and always advocate that if you want to try something new - to do this. But what am I doing? I am very excited to be doing the Renaissance Periodization for cutting. It's definitely more intense than anything I've ever done but I am excited to try something new and hopefully see some really great results.

2) Get some wearable fitness tech. Tracking your fitness is such a great way to track how you are doing. I love the Fitbit - as a user for may years it has never let me down. One of my favorite features is that you can do weekly challenges with friends and family. It keeps your own your toes and gives you that little extra push. I'm really exited to kick the year off with the new Charge HR2. I was happy to see that it helps track exercises other than running/jogging/walking better. I also managed to find a great sale on the FitBit Aria scale that helps track your weight and body-fat - plus sync with the app I already have. Score!

3) Buy some new gear....DUH! I love sales around Thanksgiving because if you watch a deal close enough, you'll get a really good deal. For Christmas I got a handful of Victoria Secret pants which are my ABSOLUTE favorite. I also got a few of the sports bras - all multi-colors which is the point of a good sports bra -amiright?  I was also pleased to get a ridiculous sale on Reebok CrossFit Transitions. "When the WOD calls for snatches, sprints, and rope climbs, you'll be proud to post your score with our CrossFit Transition. The strap closure means you can lock in tight for the heavy lifts, while added traction on the midsole gives you confidence 25-feet up." - according to the site, which I feel like it makes it so much easier.

4) Don't forget to take your supplements and your vitamins. Sometimes I feel like we fail to take our daily vitamins - I always remember to give my daughter hers but have to set reminders to take mine. I am also pumped to re-add protein shakes back into my routine. Shout out to Optimum for making such great products. 

What are you doing to kick start 2017? Share with me on Instagram!