Ah the ever so important About Me part of a site. Originally, I wanted to steer clear of this, but as I've learned over these past few months of blogging, how can you know where you're going if you don't know where you're from.

I'm Sara J. It's really that simple. I was born with the last name Gamble, I'm legally Morgenroth but that's all way to confusing. So really...I like going with Sara. In an effort you, the reader, to get to know me better...here's a little Q&A courtesy of my Facebook friends :)

Why should I listen to you?
These days everyone calls themselves an expert on any topic, but I truly believe you cannot be an expert without doing the leg work. I have gone to a ton of family weddings since a young age - as far back as I can remember it's been 2 or 3 a year, so I've been exposed to the customs and traditions for a long time. But what I believe it comes down to weddings in particular is that you need someone who will be honest, who is willing to help you and who is willing to you talk about your wedding for hours. I am that person.

Have you really been to the amount of weddings over the last few years you've claimed you have?
Andrea & Frank, October 2007 (bridesmaid). Alexandra & Brian, May 2009. Chrissy & Josiah, June 2009. Nicole & Jim, September 2009. Meg & Tony, October 2009. My wedding, April 2010. Samuel & Andrea, May 2010. Samantha & Danny, May 2010 (bridesmaid). Brian & Lauren (Jason's was a groomsmen), June 2010. Jen & Tommy, August 2010...with *5* on the horizon over the next year.

A lot of the posts are opinions/views of your experiences...do you think your site is biased?
My posts are a mixture of a strong opinion with facts/research gathered from the web and polling people. It's rare that I truly hate something (like David's Bridal) and I always do my best to present two sides to every post. I am also very open to anyone who ever wants to comment on the posts. I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Are you afraid your opinions will ever hurt someone?
I knew when I started on this venture, I knew I was bound to offend someone in someway or how. I am a very honest person. Sure there are things that people may not have liked about my wedding and I'm okay with that. I do a lot of research before each and every post and I do not say what I say lightly. I apologize now if I do offend you - but hey, this is who I am. So this will be the first and last time I address this.

Why weddings?
There are a lot of options in the world...a lot of turns to take with where your path should go. After a few internships in college I thought I knew what I wanted and then my best friend and I started planning her wedding and the ideas just flowed so naturally. Planning things and solving issues when it involved weddings just came really easy. There are times where it can be so stressful, sometimes a bride/groom has no one to talk to...I like being the person that someone can lean on when planning this important day.

And now a few fun questions...

Did your husband help out at all during the planning?
Let me start with 99% of grooms probably don't want to help plan a wedding. I figured the best way for Jason to be involved was in the final steps of each part. What guy would want to spend hours (yes, hours) looking for save-the-dates? He was involved in the final parts that mattered and always was supportive. He may have not poured the pages on Magnet Street but when it came down to the final 5 choices, he picked our save-the-date. 

Be honest, did you "zilla" out at all?
I think every bride is entitled to a freak out moment or two. I had two...one when people were asking for guests (ugh) and two, on the day of the rehearsal dinner I wanted to shower at 3pm I planned the whole day around it and then I kept getting sidetracked and finally snapped and dropped everything and took a shower.

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